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December 01, 2010

leadership in EFQM

while doing the pma, a deeper understanding of the EFQM model is built.

leadership in this model is quite important, have relationships with every other enablers and results.

leaders have to built up strategy...leaders have to communicate with employees and make them involved, leaders have to negotiate with suppliers  and customers and maintain a sustanible partership, leaders have to manage resources rather than raising a waste. leaders should understand the process and make sure the organisation always on the way to achieve their objective

when leaders do these, they have to consider customers requirements, make a good deployment and execution of people stratetgy, build a good reputation and carry out the process relate to all these results.

leaders seems to be very busy and suffering a lot in this model..also, they have to improve themselves frequently.

not all people are born to be a leader...although experience is important, also need an ambition and cofident to be a good leader

lean manufacturing1

six sigma in some book always comes up with lean manufacturing together,but they are not the some phylosiophy, do they should be combined? but have to understand what is lean manufacturing first.

lean manufacturing known as lean production, it is a business philosophy. Toyota Motor Company developed it first,where it was called Toyota production system(TPS).

The objective of of Lean produciton is to eliminate all forms of waste in the production process.

six sigma is aim at creating a stable process, reduce the waste at the design stage. they have very similar objective.

wastes in lean produciton are overproduction, waiting for machines or operators, transportation waste, process waste resulting from inefficient and poorly designed processes, excessive inventory wasted motions through operators leaving work stations to fetch required suppliers or through continuous reaching, searching, or carrying goods. waste of rework through producing defects.

when all these waste is eliminated, the order production life cycle time is compressed. short cycle and delivery time, higher quality, and lower costs are all positive resluts.

there are many techniques to deal with waste work result in a whole that is greater than the sum of the individual techniques. if the manufacturing process is changed, lean manufacturing will produce high-quality products built to customer requirements at lower costs than traditional manufacturing.

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