February 04, 2012

Emotional Intelligence: Crying as you Solve Problems

Tutor was Samantha Tarren.


Notice the feeling of not wanting to work on something. Evaluate it. Query the reasons for existence. While working on something, query those feelings, too, for completeness’s sake.

Note feelings of annoyance/anger/frustration when they arise, and why. Note consequences. Query whether this human emotion known as “sadness” would be more appropriate (knowing me, the answer I’ll likely come to is “no”!).

One thing that (likely?) had an effect on my lack of feeling sadness would be my dad’s refrain of “don’t get sad, get mad! Getting upset never helps anything.” – and I think he was right. Depression just interferes with discussing the issue and fixing it; and generally interferes with contemplation. Then again, the latter also applies to anger, which can also lead to impulsiveness, although I’ve also been able to focus it into improving my work – but then I’ve been able to do that perfectly well without that consideration simply from the knowledge that it was wrong or imperfect as it stood, so who knows in the end?

Enough meandering, we’ll see how this plan goes.

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  1. samantha

    Hi Chris
    I agree that depression can ‘interfere’ with action and clear thinking, but sadness is not necessarily depression. Feeling sad or low on occasion is a healthy human emotion which can lead to interesting insights if we can dare to go there. It’s only if we indulge in staying there (not being fluidly emotionally intelligent) that it can lead to something unhelpful and stultifying. Maybe you could open up some discussions with others about the feeling of sadness to gauge how they think about it.
    It seems as if you are begninng to consider and reflect on your emotions such as anger – do keep on developing your reflections on your range of emotions so as to develop your emotional self-awareness.
    What was your SMART goal you set in the workshop?
    I look forward to reading how you progress

    05 Feb 2012, 19:35

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