October 27, 2011

A4: Memory and Sense

Follow-up to Effective Learning Skills? VARK! from Midgley, Christopher - Pointless twaddle and meaningless diatribes

Tutor was Ceri Marriott.

Take advantage of synaesthesia of memory by associating words with colours/sounds/whatever – give yourself more mental hooks to connect ideas with
This one has so far gone differently to how I expected – I’m remembering things based on the order of introduction and internal links instead of anything else. Haven’t really noticed myself remembering more, either. Rather odd, really. I can remember some of the colour associations I made, but not the context (which is unhelpful), and I can’t remember any of the sound ones. I was expecting this to do /something/, and least :/. I’ll keep trying it – mayhap it’s the newness of the technique.

Try to remember things based on what was said, as opposed to what was written
Paying more attention to what’s actually being said, there’s a large contrast – some lecturers don’t narrate much of anything, some say somewhat more than they write. I still don’t focus for all of a spoken paragraph if nothing is written, which is something I hope to fix, but I least I notice something else is actually being said, now.

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  1. Ceri Marriott

    Hi Chris, these are interesting reflections. I’m sure our minds are so complex and unique that what works for some people will inevitably not work for everyone. It may be with the synaesthesia trialling that you need to experiment with different hooks to colour and sound to connect ideas. Did you manage to get a copy of the book Nick mentioned and have a look at it?

    It’s interesting what you found when you made a conscious effort to listen more – I think the observations about the lecturing content and delivery format in relation to your learning style is probably something some of those lecturers would be interested to hear; have you talked with any of them about it? Perhaps you really do have a stronger ‘read/write’ learning style than you initially thought. What steps are you planning to take to address not focusing so well when nothing is written down?

    29 Oct 2011, 14:47

  2. Christopher Midgley

    I have indeed booked out “The Psychology of Learning Mathematics” – I’m about half-way through; it’s rather interesting. Currently the most interesting parts were on the Yerkes-Dodson law and on being able to get further towards an answer to a question upon merely speaking it aloud, instead of mentally.

    The only thing I’m doing (and will continue to do) is to focus more on what’s being said, instead of what’s being written. If I then notice that my attention’s wandering, or if nothing’s being written, I can try to focus more on what’s being said. Unfortunately, I currently can’t keep a paragraph in my head to consider, and by transcribing it I’d miss what was being said. I’ll think more on this; my current plan is “practise”.

    29 Oct 2011, 18:45

  3. Ceri Marriott

    It sounds a thought-provoking book – I’d be interested to hear if you find it works, should you decide to try it out at some point. I think you’re right to focus on one thing at a time.

    10 Nov 2011, 22:26

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