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May 19, 2012

A1: Note–Making and Reading but Rather More of the Latter

Follow-up to A1: Reading and Reading and More of the Same from Midgley, Christopher - Pointless twaddle and meaningless diatribes

Dr Laura Davies; 3rd May.

Recording publishing date may be interesting if just so I can see how old all the books I’m reading are. Decided to go for original date in terms of republishing if the edition hasn’t been updated.

Penwise: Looking at this, it’s just not my preference. I like to have a solid goal in mind: “record all theorems, definitions in a list” for instance. Without anything proper it’s far too easy to just have a set of disorganized (or generally notes that don’t add anything to the course notes) notes heading linearly through the course. I can do well without writing down anything extra, so when I do I want to have a plan, for an unattractive set of notes simply won’t be looked at again :)

Skimming: for material I’m relatively familiar with (in general), it seems to go okay - but for unfamiliar material I’m unable to effectively link and recall the headings unless I slow down and focus on recitation. I could note the headings as I move past them, but that would seem to rather defeat the point :)

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