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November 06, 2011

A4: Memory and Confusion

Follow-up to A4: Memory and Sense from Midgley, Christopher - Pointless twaddle and meaningless diatribes

Tutor was Ceri Marriott.

Try to remember things based on what was said, as opposed to what was written
I can now listen to people talk (hooray!). I’m still not getting much out of it, and I still definitely prefer images and words, but I can now at least get something out of a speech. Still having difficulty holding things in active memory, but I now find I can remember some of the lecture from looking at my notes.

Take advantage of synaesthesia of memory by associating words with colours/sounds/whatever – give yourself more mental hooks to connect ideas with
This one proceeds in a confusing manner – thinking back to the workshop, I can remember the colour I highlighted the words in, and the position of that on the page in addition to some of the words, but not the ones I highlighted. I’ve also managed to remember a proof fairly well, and also that I associated it with the colours blue and green, but not /why/ I did that or any other information I was trying to convey to myself. This and the above makes me think I should perhaps have focused on /position/ instead of anything else – I think that could be what I currently remember best according to? It’s rather difficult to tell.

An Introduction to Skills Development Part III – I'm Actually Finding it Difficult to Tell

Follow-up to An Introduction to Skills Development Part II – Developing Skills? from Midgley, Christopher - Pointless twaddle and meaningless diatribes

Tutor was Samena Rashid.

T23: I prefer to evaluate the soundness of my ideas before sharing them.
It occurs to me that this one is rather difficult to tell whether I’ve been successful at it, or at the closely related I have better ideas in the first place. If I go a way in and find the idea sound, am I going further than before, or is it just that I’m having better ideas earlier than before? This one’s going well, but I probably should have found some way of benchmarking how much I thought about problems before speaking before – that’s not really something I thought about.

P12, slightly modified: When I hear about a new idea or technique, I immediately start working out how to apply it to other situations/problems – the benefits of said idea/technique.
Example, as requested, is the balls in boxes problem I wrote about down there V, on the 30th. We encountered Stirling numbers and Bell numbers in lecture and I got the inkling that they were relevant, but I didn’t actually get to a solution until I searched the partition numbers so I could find what the sequence was, and found the OEIS link.
MathStats presents new ways of finding out the value of integrals, even if I take down nothing about the probabilistic part of the course :)
I’m still heavily modularising my knowledge, though – I occasionally spot links, but only after the fact. I also don’t query what I know from other subjects while trying to solve a problem (most recently, Jacobian determinants in variable changes in Stats).

A13: I like the challenge of trying out different ways of doing things.
I only sit and think of other possibilities if I’m of the opinion that my current way is rather more difficult than other routes. I still tend to stick to one thing when not actively thinking about it, although I do follow other people’s routes I didn’t try if I like the idea.
Example: Manually finding a matrix to convert the transpose of a Jordan matrix to Jordan form as opposed to proving the Jordan form of the transpose is the Jordan matrix by generalized eigenspaces. The second method is easier and more elegant, but I didn’t consider it, but having the matrix itself is nice.

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