October 01, 2006

To Blog or not to Blog

So last year I spent a small amount of time (and I’m talking very small) wondering whether or not to start blogging. It’s now the beginning of a new year and I’m wondering slightly more whether I should finally get round to it.
But here’s the thing- I’m not going to be one of these popular people who regularly blogs about interesting and funny things, being witty and intelligent, keeping everyone entertained. I’m more likely to become one of the those slightly annoying people who occasionally writes about something that a couple of people vaguely care about but spends the rest of her time just making random and irrelevant comments.
So do I blog and risk becoming a member of category B or do I stay away and sleep well at night knowing that I am sticking to what I’m good at?

November 18, 2005

Why are there so many Richards?

Why are there suddenly so many richards? Before I came to warwick I didn't really know many. Now it seems that every other guy I meet is a Richard, a Richy, or a Rich. Anyone know how many are taking Engineering? Is it something to do with the name that makes you more likely to take a subject like this? Or maybe its an age things. There are patterns in names each year, with some years having more of one name than usual. Maybe I never noticed so many richards before becuase there weren't so many born in the same year as me (about 4 years before most of the students on my course were born) but there were lots more a few years later. Hmmm?


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