November 03, 2004

Help needed finding housemate

Due to a number of reasons, I'm moving far away from coventry (and so somewhat regretably having to stop this whole degree thing). Due to it being rented as a group, I'm going to need a replacement person to help the others with the rent.

So I was thinking, no doubt some people will read this, tell their friends, spread the word, etc.
If you know anyone looking for a house in earlsdon, let them know.

The rest of the house consists of four great people, Vicky, Rob, Collin and Goerge (Dooky… Don't ask…).
All non-smokers, all big fans of console gaming (we have several set up in our lounge area), and they make up a significant proportion of the Anime & manga society exec.

The house itself is but a minute's walk from a no. 12 bus stop, earlsdon high street (with all it's shops) and the City Arms.
The room I'm leaving is of a rather good size, and the area around the house is good, too. The yard even has enough room to accomadate a car if you have one.

Science faculty is were we all study, with Goerge being a post-grad.

So please, all, if you know of anyone wanting to be in earsdon, or generally considering a change, spread the word.

I'll be checking for comments regularly, so if you or someone you know is interested, please reply.
(then I'll get in touch… not too clever thing to put your phone number publically availible on teh interweb…)

October 05, 2004

Tired and angsting, but I've found a way to sort all those MP3s…

Writing about web page

Musicbrainz is a wonderful tool which uses the actual sound of the mp3 to attempt to identify it, which is an absolute godsend when you have hundreds of mis-named MP3s all of the wrong length…

Leaving it going overnight to process my 10,000 or so…

Give it a try, and tell me what you think :)

October 04, 2004

Soft Dance mats


Given I have just ranted about soft dance mats elsewere, I thought I'd clarify exactly the problem I have with them.

Dance mat society = good
Soft Dance mats = bad
Soft dance mats…

  • Move underfoot, often walking across an entire room
  • Crumple underfoot, ending up mis-shapen
  • Slip away, allowing injuries
  • Often (in the majority of cases) have a completely non-arcade sensor area
  • Require considerably different forces to activate to arcade-quality mats
  • Break far more easily than quality hard mats, or foam-lined ones

If soft plastic mats are to be used, they should always be mounted securely to a wooden base. This ensures that they do not slip underfoot and that they do not walk.

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