December 11, 2004

Dimebag R.I.P

As you may have heard Dimebag, the metal legend from Pantera has died. Below is a report on the incident followed by a poem I wrote. I think I speak on behalf of the whole metal community when I say I am deeply saddenned by this and it is an absolute tragedy.

At Least 5 Dead, 2 Wounded In Nightclub Shooting
Witnesses: Alleged Gunman Went Onto Stage, Fired Shots

POSTED: 10:32 pm EST December 8, 2004
UPDATED: 2:27 am EST December 9, 2004

COLUMBUS, Ohio — At least five people died and two others were wounded after a shooting at a Columbus nightclub on Wednesday night, NBC 4 reported.


Nightclub Shooting

The shooting took place shortly after 10 p.m. at Alrosa Villa, located at 5055 Sinclair Rd.

Two members of the heavy metal band Damageplan were reportedly shot and killed, including Dimebag Darrell, formerly with the band Pantera, NBC 4's David Wayne reported. The other band member's name was not released. The alleged gunman also died at the scene, Wayne reported.

Shortly after the band began playing its first song, a man reportedly ran onto the stage and began shooting, according to a witness who identified himself as Sean. Some members of the audience reportedly thought the man running onto the stage with a gun was part of the band's act, NBC 4's Erin Tate reported.

Witnesses said that several shots were fired at the band before a bouncer tackled the gunman before he was shot and killed.

Columbus police Sgt. Brent Mull said the shooter appeared to be targeting the band members. After opening fire on the stage, the gunman turned on the crowd. At that point, an officer shot the man dead, Mall added. Police said there could have been many more fatalities had the officer not killed the gunman.

NBC 4 reported that of the surviving victims, one person was in critical condition while the other was in fair condition. Several others were treated at the scene, suffering from various injuries.

Alrosa Villa is a popular north Columbus nightspot for young adults, featuring rock and heavy metal bands, NBC 4 reported.

According to the band's Web site, Damageplan was touring nationally. It performed in Buffalo, N.Y., on Tuesday night and had a concert scheduled in Flint, Mich., on Thursday.

Damageplan featured former Pantera artists Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul. The pair were joined by vocalist Patrick Lachman and bassist Bobzilla, according to their Web site.

Watch NBC 4 and refresh for additional information.
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Apparently Dimebag and Pat Lachman are dead. The witnesses report that it looked as if Darrell was being targeted by the shooter who also killed the bouncer who tried to intervene.

——Dimebag by Michael Wilson——-

Five bullets soaked into the poor manís head,
He collapsed to the ground helplessly writhing in pain.
A selfless witness had tried to avail but did not prevail.
Horrified the fans watched on when he opened fire,
A relentless showering of metal killing two innocent spectators.

How could a man be so cold?
He was just another lunatic of Godís creation,
But he should have been in a mental asylum not secretly stalking.
The bastard was shot down too but damnation to hell is his real punishment.
He will be engulfed in flames and realise the error of his despicable ways.

We raise our glasses and salute our idol.
Nobody will replace his legend.
Right now we can take comfort in the knowledge that he will be in heaven,
Chilling with the likes of Hendrix and other warriors of rock,
While the cold hearted assassin will slowly rot in hell.

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  1. macabre

    how can you be so heartless about your accounts of the death of a guitar god. your like, yeah it happend: so what: this is real' COME ON…...REACTE…..this is sad, metal lost a god. If catholisiscim lost the pope it would make head lines; same thing!

    12 Dec 2004, 12:53

  2. I am certainly not heartless if you're accusing me of being so. Like a lot of people I am really upset about the death of Dimebag. The accounts are not from me but sources explaining the facts because at the time it was all very confusing.
    I am still very upset about it and to tell me I'm heartless just because I'm not good at expressing my emotions is very insulting.

    01 Jan 2005, 22:28

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