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November 04, 2004


Writing about web page

Well I was told to create a blog by James, a roman Goddess with a nervous twitch and unhealthy obsession for Placebo so here it is.
So how do you start a blog and what are the ingredients for a successful blog? I could tell you all about my life, my dreams, my visions, I could rant, I could write poetry, tell you a story or give you an insight into my mind. It's all open and we have freedom of speech. Not at this University however, I was a bit daunted to read in The Word the headline, "This University does not have freedom of speech!" Initial reaction; what the fuck, freedom of speech is a basic human right? Not here apparently, however read further and you'll find it is somewhat justified because it's actually to stop prejudice and fascist dictators taking over the world. Then again in this world of propaganda and the fake illusion of democracy we'll always have some muppeteer in charge of things, take for example the muppet of all muppets, George Bush."Fake illusion," nice English there, if it is an illusion then surely by definition it is a fallacy, so a fake illusion would be a truth, therefore I retract the words fake illusiion and replace them with the single use of illusion. In logic you can retract anything you know, MPP it, double negate it, eliminate it, it's all very convenient. visit that site.
Because this is my blog and I have decided to plug my site, give it a big shout out. It hasn't been updated for a few weeks but it will be soon. I guess it's all the studying, drinking and writing a games column for my local newspaper that has seen it be somewhat neglected. If you wish you can check out some of the columns on the site. Sign up for the message board and speak to insane people, or add some intelligence and make the forum a place of intellect, your choice.

That's it for now, but in the next exciting edition of my blog you'll get to here more about me, or maybe you won't, I guess you'll have to wait and see…

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