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September 11, 2008

Project Evaluation

Project Evaluation

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The Industry Context


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Production Report

Production Report

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The Production Process

The Industry Context

The Evaluation

September 10, 2008

Advanced Production: Planning

Advanced Production: Planning

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Possible Projects

For example:

  • Fashion Website
  • Band Promotion website
  • Photography website

Target Audience

For Example:

          • Photography students and those interested in architectural photography


          What you need to research

          Once you have decided your project area -


          Research of similar websites / blogs Do at least 5. You need to consider two main areas:

          1. You need to respond to both the content
          1. How well this reaches its target audience 
          • The site as a communications tool:
          1. How easy is it to navigate?

          Film Trailer

          Research of trailers of the same genre (These may well be on YouTube or official websites). Drop the YouTube videos into your blog and then do an analysis of them discussing how they reach their target audience.

          Research some trailers of another genre to see how they might differ in terms of target audience

          Music Video

          Research of Music videos if you are doing a a music video.


          Here you should write out the name of the site and link to the home page or else the specific page that concerns you. (Just a link to the home page of the BBC would be fairly useless as it is such a huge instiution.)

          By the link words please note what day you visited the link. This is because web pages are very dynamic and they might have been changed next time you visit.


          Here make a list of newspaper articles, magazine articles, books, journals etc that you have used. Make sure you

          September 09, 2008

          Advanced Production

          Advanced Production

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          Return to Blogging Skills Hub

          What you need to do here is to make three separate postings under the headings:
          1. Planning 
          2. Production / Post-Production 
          3. Production Report / Evaluation
          Link them back to your Advanced Production posting.  


          Production / Post Production

          (For website creation there will be the taking of original images. Here production means the actual making of the web pages.  In moving image work we talk about "POST-Production when the work involves the editing suite.)

          Production Report

          This should include a discussion of how & why you planned your product (Roughly 500 words).

          You also need to discuss the actual production process. What you learned about Dreamweaver, Flash and any other program you used. You should include screenprints of the tools you used in the programms you were using. Here you can discuss the difficulties and successes of your experience. (Roughly 500 words). Remember if you use plenty of screenshots then this reduces the amount of explanatory words required!

          There must be an assessment of the industry context (Roughly 1,000 words). This is a key aspect of the specification that is different to the AS Foundation Production Unit.

          Evaluation. There must EVIDENCE of audience feedback. You should have done an audience feedback survey of at least 10 people. This must be made available as a hard copy appendix. On the basis of your audience feedback you should discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your project in relation to your original specified target audience. You should be balanced in this account and make an assessment of how you might improve upon a similar project. (Please note just blagging won't score marks!!! :-) ).


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