April 22, 2008

Acorn Classification System for Lifestyles

Acorn Classification System for Lifestyles

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This is a map showing all ACORN classification categories, groups and types. Click on a category, group or type to view some sample lifestyle information comparing that classification to the rest of the UK population.

ACORN is a market research company which breaks down the population in a myriad of different ways in order to allow comapnaies to analyse and create and construct their target market / target audience more effectively and cost-effectively than ever.

The tools are geodemographic ones. This means that areas are broken down into postcodes (postcode lottery) and the people living there (the demographic) is researched so that as much information about core indicateors and variables is gathered and assessed.

How ACORN describe their product

ACORN categorises all 1.9 million UK postcodes, which have been described using over 125 demographic statistics within England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and 287 lifestyle variables, making it the most powerful discriminator, giving a clearer understanding of clients and prospects.

Creating and constructing a market

Markets for goods or services are constructed and created rather than "found". Goods and services have products which may be services or physical products.

Because consumers are becoming increasingly fragmented in their tastes and spending habits it is difficult to invent a new product or servicve to compete with older ones. However rich the target market there is an upperlimit on what people are going to spend. to create a market for another product / service is to compete with something else for the same pot of money. This is why branding and advertising are very important tools of marketing. 

Geodemographics are very important as a marketing tool. You need to know how many people there are in a particular area and what amounts of money people have and what they are likely to spend thier money on. Clearly  spending money on advertising of expensive cars in newspapers usually consumed by the category described as hard-pressed in the ACORN system below would be pointless.

The core indicators include:

  • Income
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity

ACORN Classifcation Map

This is a map showing all ACORN classification categories, groups and types. Click on a category, group or type to view some sample lifestyle information comparing that classification to the rest of the UK population.

Wealthy Achievers Wealthy Executives 01 - Affluent mature professionals, large houses
02 - Affluent working families with mortgages
03 - Villages with wealthy commuters
04 - Well-off managers, larger houses
Affluent Greys 05 - Older affluent professionals
06 - Farming communities

07 - Old people, detached houses

08 - Mature couples, smaller detached houses
Flourishing Families 09 - Larger families, prosperous suburbs
10 - Well-off working families with mortgages
11 - Well-off managers, detached houses
12 - Large families & houses in rural areas
Urban Prosperity Prosperous Professionals 13 - Well-off professionals, larger houses and converted flats
14 - Older Professionals in detached houses and apartments
Educated Urbanites 15 - Affluent urban professionals, flats
16 - Prosperous young professionals, flats
17 - Young educated workers, flats
18 - Multi-ethnic young, converted flats
19 - Suburban privately renting professionals
Aspiring Singles 20 - Student flats and cosmopolitan sharers
21 - Singles & sharers, multi-ethnic areas
22 - Low income singles, small rented flats
23 - Student Terraces
Comfortably Off Starting Out 24 - Young couples, flats and terraces
25 - White collar singles/sharers, terraces
Secure Families 26 - Younger white-collar couples with mortgages
27 - Middle income, home owning areas
28 - Working families with mortgages

29 - Mature families in suburban semis

30 - Established home owning workers
31 - Home owning Asian family areas
Settled Suburbia 32 - Retired home owners
33 - Middle income, older couples
34 - Lower income people, semis
Prudent Pensioners 35 - Elderly singles, purpose built flats
36 - Older people, flats
Moderate Means Asian Communities 37 - Crowded Asian terraces
38 - Low income Asian families
Post Industrial Families 39 - Skilled older family terraces
40 - Young family workers
Blue Collar Roots 41 - Skilled workers, semis and terraces
42 - Home owning, terraces
43 - Older rented terraces
Hard Pressed Struggling Families 44 - Low income larger families, semis
45 - Older people, low income, small semis
46 - Low income, routine jobs, unemployment
47 - Low rise terraced estates of poorly-off workers
48 - Low incomes, high unemployment, single parents
49 - Large families, many children, poorly educated
Burdened Singles 50 - Council flats, single elderly people
51 - Council terraces, unemployment, many singles
52 - Council flats, single parents, unemployment
High Rise Hardship 53 - Old people in high rise flats
54 - Singles & single parents, high rise estates
Inner City Adversity 55 - Multi-ethnic purpose built estates
56 - Multi-ethnic, crowded flats

ACORN updated to suit  contemporary "lifstyles"

Consumer habits and behaviour has changed over the past decade, and the new ACORN takes into account these key shifts.

Avon and Somerset Police As the wealth of the nation increases and borrowing gets easier, car ownership has risen and more people commute by car.
Avon and Somerset Police More consumers are asset rich, with a growth of 20% of homeowners having paid off their mortgages.
Avon and Somerset Police Conversely there is much less unemployment.
Avon and Somerset Police New building has increased with more detached and semi-detached properties. There are now different types of people living in traditional housing.
Avon and Somerset Police The workplace is now more flexible, illustrated by an increase in people working from home.
Avon and Somerset Police The population is becoming more educated and the number of students has nearly doubled.
Avon and Somerset Police Family structure is changing, with significant growth in single parents. Despite an increase of grown-up children remaining in the family home, there are more “empty nester” consumers than ever before as older couples become free of the financial responsibility of schoolchildren.
Avon and Somerset Police We are seeing a significant growth of the very elderly, the population is getting older.

Lifestyle Magazines and ACORN

Lifestyle magazines like Grazia and GQ exist to act as vehicles for advertising.  These magazines aim at relatively small sections of the population and their content and advertising are interwoven into atight mesh with which to trap the unwary person and turn them into a consumer.

Lifestyle magaziners are especially useful for those advertising in them because the magazines will often be "read" by much larger numbers than the official circulation figure suggests.

See How ACORN assesses the area you live in:

upmystreet. You will neeed to type in your postcode.

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