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January 08, 2006

Skool Dayz 07/01/06

Right then people, one week has gone by and with such speed that I have had minimal time to add to this Blog. However, that does not mean that nothing has happened! Does it Netty? NO!

Event 1:

Anyway, enough of the banter, and on to the embarassing stuff… the stuff that I know you all want to know. Basically we (Jack Martin 3G) have been out to some of the partays that have been going on and we've all pretty much got rat arsed! But it doesn't stop there... no Sir! Last night, on entry to Skool Dayz, one certain Netty got stopped and asked to go back home....Why? Cos she was feckered (can't use foul language on here!)

Event 2:

Three of the girls got together….*with each other *(yeah! I know…awesome!) but apparently –
bq. we don't talk about that
So thats enough! – Don't worry guys, I'll be sure to get some low quality vids on here if possible and maybe some mid-action pics!

Apart from that, we've had a fairly quiet week but I'm sure that we won't later!

Event 3 (minor):

Oh…after a long fecking time of choosing who should live in my house (God, I'm popular), I have come up with a final list of those worthy to be in my company:

  1. Me of course
  2. James Titley
  3. Carys Frampton
  4. Emma Waters
  5. Annette du Toit
  6. James Webb (If he can be arsed to stay another year and learn)

All in all six…

Live long and prosper!

January 02, 2006

Getting Started

Hey All…

Well, I've finally got my Blog sorted! So, here goes:

Basically I've come up with a New Years Resolution that I should share with the world any interesting events that go on in the communities that I congregate with. These being the Rootes M Block Crew (South Side!) and the Jack Martin Ground Floor (G-Unit!).

However, I have a slight conundrum in that there have not been any recent events that have had enough interest for me to record! :-(

So, bear with me for a few days while I get things sorted and find some stuff to interest the world (or maybe just myself)!

Please feel free to comment on any Blogs that I write in the future (constructive criticisms only!)

Oh, Happy New Year and peace out to all my hommies!

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