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October 11, 2005

second thoughts on blogs

I talked to the colleagues I am working on blogs with and discussed how we had found blogging, some points in no particular order were :
•blogging needs a purpose – but does not need an audience or rather you can be the author of your own blog, though it is better to have a wider audience!
•feedback is always useful – not spam of course which one of us got
•blogs can be recreational or academic or of course both
•there is always an audience for whatever you write – not everyone agrees with this though
•you can and many do the blogs how they like but we guess the reader wants brief entries with clear points
•it is not easy to get started on blogs – it calls for language skills and knowing there can be an audience beyond those you know can be intimidating
•interesting that some people mail blog sites privately rather than commenting directly
Perhaps nothing new there but interesting how we had common ideas of what a blog should ideally look like and different ideas about the value of feedback.

October 10, 2005

is it ok to cite blogs

is it ok to cite other blogs – if it is a web page that looks fine they have been written for a public audience but should you say go to this blog if you want to see an example of this. – I dont know may be that person has lost site that the blog is public, seems clearer if the blog is already public like the plastricbag winner but otherwise I dont know.

October 06, 2005

best blogs

Where do you find out the best blogs – a google search pulls up blogs on education and politics, if these are the ones with the most ‘hits’ then people are turning to blogs as they would any other web site – there is a high level of presentation and not very personal. The bbc news web site (which I guess has a blog like quality as so much is organised by date) has lots on blogs including award winners
The prize for the best British blog went to, this is much more a journal blog – and if you interested on his musings on life and new media does draw you in.

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