October 12, 2010

Technology Management

Introduction to Technology Management

"The history of mankind has been marked by the domination by man over his circumstances and it is the instinct towards progress and success that has propelled change on earth"

- Die Geschichte der Menschheit wurde gekennzeichnet durch die Beherrschung der Umstände bzw. Lebenslagen des Menschen durch ihn selbst und des in Richtung Fortschritt und Erfolg gerichteten Instinktes der den Wandel auf Erden antrieb. -

That is the first sentence of the lecturers notes  on the 'Introduction to Technology Management'. The lecturer is Professor Ramnik Bhardwa.

What Ramnik Bhardwa told me in his lecture was that technology can be products, processes or services. We also learned that the time-gap between the 'invention' of new technologies was shrinking in the past and seems to be an e-function with x trending for ∞ whereas Δx are the time-gaps between each new found technology.

Ramnik Bhardwa gave the perfect example of the invention of the petrol fueled car and the short time that was used to take the next step further in order to invent the spacecraft.

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