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February 23, 2007

Fight Yourself Through the Day!

Do you sometimes feel that this Friday afternoon seems to take longer than it should? Do you sometimes feel tired even though it’s only just the second month of this year coming to end? Do not fear, throw your energy against it. For you is the text that just came off my calendar:

The Rule of Barber

Everything that is worth being done, is worth being done extremely well.

January 24, 2007

Nieuwe smaak!

Ik heb weinig tijd vandaag, maar wilde het volgende met jullie delen.

Toen ik vanmorgen aan het ontbijten was, had ik voor een seconde een aparte smaaksensatie.

Ik had net cornflakes met melk gegeten (merk: Carrefour), en at daarna een goed rijpe sinaasappel. Gedurende een moment smaakte het in mijn mond naar framboos.

Maar toen ik de smaak eenmaal geplaatst had, was hij alweer verdwenen.

January 08, 2007

Pleasant Goosebumps

Back in Spain. When I tore a page of my tear-a-page-calendar this morning, it´s wisdom was a “law” going by the name of Paul´s Law: “It is impossible to fall from the floor.” A comforting thought.

But then I disproved it. Rereading Friedman´s by-now famous article It´s a Flat World, After All (in the NY Times a few years ago and a classic positivist defense of globalisation) I came past the following sentence:

“Remember, that in China, when you´re a one-in-a-million, there are still 1,300 more of you.”

It gave me pleasant goosebumps. In the Netherlands there are still only 15 more types like me.

November 21, 2006

The Benefit of an Old Mp3–Player

Mp3 PlayerTHIS MORNING AS I was listening to music on my way to class, for once I didn’t feel annoyed with the fact that my mp3-player doesn’t have a search system. This was because I discovered a kind of “advantage” in it.

My songs are on the disc in alphabetical order. As I was skipping endlessly forward to R for Radiohead, I got stuck on the way, with K for Kula Shaker, and ended up listening to that instead. I realised exactly the same had occured earlier. Apparently Kula Shaker and Radiohead for me are mood -compatible.

Hence a new function of old mp3-players (non i-pod stuff): it is an indicator for mood-compatible bands starting with letters lower than the one you’re looking for! Doesn’t that make your day?

November 10, 2006

A Happy Thought For Everyone

Mumintroll!Here’s a happy thought for everyone, once again wisdom taken from a Spanish toilet door.

“Happy is the student who, like a river, reaches his destination without leaving his bed.”

October 03, 2006

Gangster Business

WhereYesterday, while watching a gangster film, I asked myself the following question.

When gangsters hand each other these sinister cases of money, is the price of the case included in the offer, or does the paying party cover its cost? In other words: if for example a gangster would pay 40,000 quid, is it in fact 39,750 because 250 quid was taken out to buy the suitcase?

I know you never ask yourself such questions, but I do, ok?!

August 24, 2006

Fresh Bread

Today’s tip of this blog’s scribbler:

~ When visiting a sauna, make sure to bring beer with you. When a few sips of beer are added to the sauna’s stove, a delicious smell of fresh bread will fill the room.

June 01, 2006


Think about the following.

Problem 1
We have an aleph (which, I have been explained, is an infinite set) of real numbers (e.g. 1 – 2 – 3 – to infinity).

Then we have an aleph of numbers with one decimal place (e.g. 1.1 – 1.2 – 1.3 – 1.4 – to infinity).

Can we say aleph 2 is bigger than the former? To prove that, we’d have to take a chunk off, but then it wouldn’t be an aleph anymore. Can we say, then, at least, that aleph 2 is richer than aleph 1? And does that make a difference in infinity?

Problem 2
If infinity is aleph to the 1, is total nothingness then consequently aleph to the -1?

Proclaimer: This is not a revision rant, just a procrastination rant. I am strictly a student of History and of Sociology.

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