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March 18, 2008

Difficult Language

A thought that crossed my mind tonight as I was trying to remember my five years of French from seven years ago:

“If French wouldn’t have been such a difficult language, then maybe the French would have had some time left to study other languages.”

February 01, 2008

Stop Big Cars For Small People

Writing about web page

This picture comes from a friend’s blog, to be printed out and placed in the windshield of any 4×4 or other big tractor-type of driving status symbol. Activism can be fun and light-hearted!

4x4 flyer

January 17, 2008

It's A Big World

A maxim I thought up today. I call it the policy paradox.

The more an ordinary citizen moves towards a policy maker’s perspective, the more she or he realises that things or not that simple. The more a policy maker moves towards an ordinary citizen’s perpective, the more she or he realises that they actually are.

As always, open for comments.

November 11, 2007

A Kiss

Sometimes you think something up and wonder whether you’re the first one to see it (it apparently being just a brilliant stroke of coincidence) or whether you’ve just come across the reason for it’s being as it is (the underlying idea or intentional correlation).

Well, I just had a little idea of the above category.

You know how people write “x” at the end of text messages and emails, meaning “kiss”. But why x? Is “x = kiss” just a random social convention, meaning kiss could also have been put down as “y” or “z” if it was widely enough used, or is there a more profound reason behind it?

Then my little thought came up. In Spanish the letter x is pronounced “ekys”, sounding somewhat like a Spanish person saying “a kiss” in English.
So does “x = kiss” perhaps originate from the Spanish? We will probably never be able to confirm that with all certainty.

September 10, 2007

To Die For?

A great humanist phrase read in a leaflet:

“The killing of a human is not the defense of a doctrine. It is the killing of a human.”

As was written down by Sebastian Castellio in 1553. Some words have lasting value.

Electric chair

August 02, 2007

Zeno enzo

Het stond in een foldertje. En was best wel cliché. En toch… er was iets mee. Er zat wel een harde kern van waarheid in. En ik hou wel van tot schijnbare paradox gesmeede frazen. En het was gewoon best een grappige zin. Dus ik wilde hem hier met jullie delen. Hier komt -ie.

Het enige dat blijft is verandering.

July 18, 2007


ZonnestraalAls de zon over het landschap valt, worden de velden mooi. De aarde straalt, gezonder en gelukkiger dan een moment ervoor.

De zon is briljant, warm en machtig. De zon bezit de eigenschap dingen te kunnen verbeteren.

De aarde is zacht, groen en vochtig. Ze is delicaat en gevoelig.

Maar de zon heeft iets nodig om haar glans op te doen weerkaatsen. En de groene aarde is zonder licht triest en hard. Zon en aarde kunnen niet zonder elkaar; dit is de wisselwerking van energie en materie.

June 03, 2007

Use Your Sunday Profitably

There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them.

- J. Brodsky

May 03, 2007

Een lichtje in het donker voor wie het niet meer weet

Ik citeer:

De wet van Schroeder: “Besluiteloosheid is de basis voor flexibiliteit.”

De observatie van Mullins: “Besluiteloosheid is de sleutel tot flexibiliteit.”

Bron: scheurkalender (zie eerdere posts).

April 16, 2007

One of these things…

Why oh why…

- do housemates – wherever & whenever – feel justified in shamelessly stealing stuff from your shelve in the communal fridge? Using just the last bit of milk when you’re in a hurry and hardly awake in the morning?

- does that not happen when a guest brings something in and some stuff gets left over? Bits of uneaten and unclaimed food all over the kitchen, that will eventually have to be thrown away?

It’s just one of these things that are not worth my time, but keep me wondering all too often! Recognisable?

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