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June 22, 2005

New Heat DJs!

Dear audiences! You’re reading the blog of one of next year’s Heat DJs! Did audition today with my mate Tom Rohland, and they decided to hire us! Hope to see you all next year, and if you come early to tomorrow’s Heat, you’ll hear Tom opening the evening in the Cooler!

We’d much appreciate any music suggestions you might have for next term’s Heats!

Multiskins become the Rrrrs…. New free demo download!

Writing about web page

Did you see us play on the Piazza last Monday? Hope you liked it. If you did, or only just vaguely remember what it sounded like, weren’t there, or just love free stuff, then find your way to our site where our freshly recorded track I Feel Great can be downloaded for free. We recorded it in a farm studio near Coventry last Sunday.

June 14, 2005


Writing about web page

My days at Warwick since the exams have gone like Michael Schumacher in his F1 on one of his good days: really fast.

Lately, life has been somewhat dominated by musical pursuits. Since I joined the Multiskins (which has, as I understood today, fashionably changed its name to the Rrrrrrs to remain avant-garde of the indie scene) I play in two bands and around the Student Arts Festival this involves quite a bit of rehearsing. Tonight I’ll be playing my first gig at our Union (excluding some fiddling about at the Graduate, that is). The Rrrrrrrs are playing a half hour slot at the Werlygig. Seemed pretty well advertised across campus, and I’m expecting quite a few friends to come and see me make a fool of myself behind the drumkit.

Next week, on the Piazza, Tuesday 2pm, Panama performs a set, and I’ll be the singer. A bit nervous about that, but it should be cool anyhow. We’ve been working toward the material we have now for quite a while.

Otherwise, making plans to go to Budapest this summer. A festival called Sziget, on an island in the middle of the Danube. It lasts for a week and there’s a surprisingly massive line-up planned actually. Franz Ferdinand, Korn, Underworld, Hives, Nick Cave and many others have one thing in common: they’ll be in Budapest at the same time I’ll be there. Check for more info, as it’s really cheap as well!

British Peculiarities III: Postcard Mania

Maybe this part three of the series is taking it a bit too far, but I have a feeling British people send more cards than anyone else! While back home most people are hard-pressed not to forget birthday occasions, here everyone seems loyal even to the annual Father’s Day card! What could be the reason for this?

I really can’t remember having seen three shops dedicated entirely to postcards in a row (Coventry city centre). Does anyone have an explanation so I don’t have to spend sleepless nights pondering over this subject?

June 09, 2005

Lost in Translation? Dutch Idioms

After the immense success of me translating fitting and pun-like idioms into several casual conversations, it thought it might be time to take this to a higher level. A few examples:

Mandi: I can’t believe why the Warwick Blogs team tells me off for breaching copy right laws, and others just get away with it.
Me: Well, after all, you are the Offbeat dj coordinator. And high trees catch a lot of wind.
Mandi: What does that mean?
Me: Ask them about it, and the monkey will come from the sleeve!


High trees catch a lot of wind: important people get more shit for mistakes they make.

There comes the monkey from the sleeve: The truth comes upon the table; reality becomes clear.

*Even if a monkey wears a gold ring, it is and will be an ugly thing. (Some things are just kitsch even if tons of money is invested in it.)

*Not to let anyone eat the cheese of your bread. (Not to allow others to walk all over you.)

*Carrying water to the sea. (Performing a futile task.)

Feel free to use these expressions as you please. No copyright attached.

June 07, 2005

British Peculiarities II: British Food

Following up on British Peculiarities I just felt interested about British breakfast and food culture in general. Poached egg, sausages (ok, I admit, I’m a veggie so here’s my bias) and beans on toast just don’t have that appeal to me. I feel many of the “continentals” share my views on this.

And seriously, have you ever seen a country before that devotes an entire pathway in the supermarket to different kinds of cereals? I think this is, sociologically seen, quite an interesting phenomenon.


Some fishermen pulled a bottle from the deep. In it was a scrap of paper, on which were written the words: “Someone, save me! Here I am. The ocean has cast me upon a desert island. I am standing on the shore waiting for help. Hurry. Here I am!”
“There is no date. Surely it is too late by now. The bottle could have been floating in the sea a long time,” said the first fisherman.
“And the place is not indicated. We do not even know which ocean,” said the second fisherman.
“It is neither too late nor too far. The island called Here is everywhere,” said the third fisherman.
They all felt uneasy. A silence fell. So it is with universal truths.

This very powerful piece of writing comes from “Sounds, Feelings, Thoughts. Seventy poems by Wisława Szymborska”, to be found in the university library.

June 06, 2005


The pebble
is a perfect creature

equal to itself
mindful of its limits

filled exactly
with a pebbly meaning

with a scent which does not remind one of anything
does not frighten anything away does not arouse desire

its ardour and coldness
are just and full of dignity

I feel a heavy remorse
when I hold it in my hand
and its noble body
is permeated by false warmth

- Pebbles cannot be tamed
to the end they will look at us
with a calm and very clear eye

From: Zbigniew Herbert, Selected Poems, available in the uni library (once I’ve returned it!)

June 03, 2005

Student Arts Festival

Writing about web page

Week ten is coming closer, and so is the Student Arts Festival! As I recently started drumming for a band, just for fun, I’m thrust into some new developments: a jam in the Cooler! Apparently my band is called The Multiskins, and apparently I’ll be playing along with them!

Naturally, my other band Panama‘ll be playing as well, venue and exact date still to be confirmed, but it seems it’s going to be on the Tuesday of week ten.

Come check it out, or check the web page for more info!

June 02, 2005

Instant Autobio: Busy Days

The last few days have been marked by much craze around my head. Today was the first day (out of two) of exams for me. In the running up to Thursday, I was occupied with preparatory work and revision for my exams on Making of the Modern World (history) and Sociological Imagination and Investigation (guess).

Simultaneously, I was distracted by the grand events taking place on the dry mainland of our continent. After a hard day’s revision in the library on Sunday, I came home to hear that the French had defeated the European constitution by a majority of fifty-odd percent. Quite happy with this news (as by now I’m a convinced anti) I speculated that there would be no turning point for Holland either, on the first of June. And I proved to be right, only more right than I had predicted myself. A defeat of some 61% came as quite a surprise to me, from the flexible, Euro-oriented Dutch. Yet the feeling of discontent and love of independent freedom was quite likely to have contributed to the Dutch “nee”.

In a good mood, I decided to go to the Graduate yesterday, for a pint. Sharliza was around too, and asked me to drum a song for her. So, I found myself playing the drums to an accoustic version of her punkrock “I Feel Great” and Radiohead’s “Fake Plastic Trees”. Very unprepared, yet a nice feeling to be able to climb on the stage with relative ease again, after a long period of making no music at all. Les and Sharliza are having me as their band’s drummer now, which for me, as a guitarist, is quite a relaxing and unworied position to find myself in. Panama, the band I’m in with Tommy (Rootes), James and Sun Ho(Whitefields) seems to be getting some shape as well. We have a first gig planned for week 10. I know, it’s kinda late to get started, but considering I’ve only started singing this term, I think it’s not that bad at all. Our repetoire consists of around 10 (some unfinished) songs, and a few more ideas. Tommy and me are well inspired lately, which feels great. Our track list consists at the moment of:

Coming Round Again (kind of melodious punk-rocky song)
Shake & Stir & Rattle (alternative pop with a melancholy yet powerful undertone)
Nocturnal (at the mo apparently James’ favourite)
Tommy Jam (pretty ska-funky)

Possible Ace of Base, Muse and Soulwax covers might be added to this, as well as a few more songs once they’re finished.

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