January 08, 2008

To Warwick Accommodations

I just sent the following out in an email to Warwick Accommodations. As I suspect, more Warwick students face similar problems. Maybe you recognise parts of your complaints in the below. It points at the difficulty of communicating with Warwick Accommodations when no-one takes responsibility for a problem and everyone refuses to act upon it.

Subject: complaints about bathroom fan in Hurst

Dear Madam, Sir,

This weekend I returned to my Hurst residence and found to my surprise that the problem with our bathroom fan has still not been resolved. Its malfunctioning has by now quite a history.

The fan in our Hurst 9 residence stopped working at the end of November after which we immediately notified the appropriate Warwick Accomodations contact point. It was promised that within the month someone would look at it (ie, I thought, fix it), yet this did not happen. In the meanwhile, our already damp and narrow entrance got even worse to the point of drops of moist gathering on walls and ceilings, leaving no dry surfaces.

The ceiling in our bathroom got moldy and was painted over twice. The first time, the mold came back. The second time, paint came dropping down as we tried to have a shower.

Up to this point, I regret to conclude that Warwick Accommodations has provided us with no satisfactory reaction to our complaints, nor has it outlined a correct time schedule by which the problem will be solved.

I am currently at a loss over whom should be responsible for this problem as every person me and my flatmates have spoken to refers to someone else´s responsibility. The residents of Hurst 9 are getting exponentially frustrated and ununderstanding about the continuation of this problem, which to us appears not very difficult to solve. I hope Warwick Accommodations may now begin to meet its Service Agreement by repairing the fan (and from what I hear, those of other Hurst flats) in the fastest and most efficient possible way.

Maarten Hillebrandt (Hurst 9c)

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  1. Hi Maarten, it’s Eilish from Polish. I sympathise with the paint dripping down! they painted over our mould three, maybe four times when I lived in Hurst…not really an ideal solution is it. oh well, hope you get it sorted, do widzenia!

    08 Jan 2008, 10:37

  2. (we know where you live now :S)

    08 Jan 2008, 13:47

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