November 26, 2006

New Warwick Uni Periodical

I received an email some days ago announcing the establishment of a new student paper at Warwick Uni to be named “the Sanctuary”. Apparently it’s follows up on the “great success” of periodicals with the same name at Durham and Nottingham.

I was quite interested when I received it’s open invitation to contribute. Naturally depending on the flavour of this paper-to-be, it could work out quite well and push both itself and the Boar to a higher level of journalism. Although the Boar is not too bad, at times it tends to a kind of hunger for stories that sell, a problem that seems very hard to avoid for many publications. In any case, I’m awaiting what the outcome will be when the initial dust settles (apparently over a 100 people showed interest in contributing – what kind of a paper is this going to be?) and we’ll see if there’s some way I can contribute from a distance (since I’m in Barcelona this year).

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  1. A friend of mine from Durham told me Sanctuary was apparently boasting of its ambitions to open up in Warwick “where there currently isn’t a student newspaper”. Good to see they’ve done their research :s

    26 Nov 2006, 22:59

  2. I was gonna make a shot on open goal and say “if you count that as a paper” but no, that would be mean. In fact the Boar do a pretty good job.

    27 Nov 2006, 10:57

  3. Hi Maarten,

    As far as the Boar is concerned, if the guys behind Sanctuary can get a paper together, more power to them. I have a few questions about its long-term viability – more than a year and a half as a senior editor with the Boar teaches you a lot about the difficulties inherent in running a student newspaper on this campus – but I don’t wish them ill.

    I don’t think it bodes well, though, that (referring back to Holly’s comment) Durham’s edition of Sanctuary allegedly not only missed the fact that Warwick has a student newspaper, but that Warwick’s newspaper both was nominated for, and won, more national awards for journalism than any other student publication in the UK this year. Hell, if you Google “warwick student newspaper,” the first thing that pops up is our website, followed by our Wikipedia entry, followed by an article in the Guardian about the awards we won last month. Somewhat hard to miss, I’d have thought.

    It’s not really a big deal, although I was a bit offended when I first found out. Regardless, I’m looking forward to reading Sanctuary when it gets off the ground.

    Matt Chapman (current editor of the Boar)

    01 Dec 2006, 18:20

  4. Didn’t know the Boar is so renowned around the nation Matt. The awards are pretty impressive. Although it seems logical to me that it’s the Boar that first pops up when you look for “warwick student paper” as it is so far the only one on campus, and if I’m mistaken, at least by far the biggest one!

    But yes, as democrats and pluralists of course we all follow the Sanctuary’s pursuits with an interested eye!

    02 Dec 2006, 13:14

  5. Bex

    How interesting…
    I’m at Bristol, and was one of the people who displayed an interest at a meeting in early December where we were told Sactuary would follow up to similar success stories at Durham and Warwick, where it was well-established. Still, wait and see I suppose.

    04 Jan 2007, 15:21

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