June 11, 2007

CIA Fails to Hide Its Ugly Character

Writing about web page http://assembly.coe.int/CommitteeDocs/2007/EMarty_20070608_NoEmbargo.pdf

the CIA, one of AmericaHave a look at the map. The United States and their allies have, over the past few years, systematically deceived their citizens and us.

Cold and sinister are the first words that come up in me after I finish to read independent commissioner Marty’s second report on the secret CIA flights between 2002 and 2006. “Secret detentions and illegal transfers of detainees involving Council of Europe member states: second report” is the matter-of-factual title of this report, and it, Mr. Marty analyses what has been happening in a similar style, though obviously shocked by the CIA’s absolutely shameless and immoral attitude throughout the operation. If what we read is true, we might conclude that what US citizen and publicist Noami Wolf wrote in the Guardian in April – that the US have turned into a fascist state – has as a matter of fact become the grotesque truth.

A few slices from the report may make you understand how it horrified me reading this.

“Detainees were taken to their cells by strong people who wore black outfits, masks that covered their whole faces, and dark visors over their eyes. Clothes were cut up and torn off; many detainees were then kept naked for several weeks.”

“Detainees went through months of solitary confinement and extreme sensory deprivation in cramped cells, shackled and handcuffed at all times.”

“Detainees received unfamiliar food, like canned beef and rice, many only ate in order to give some warmth against cruel cold weather.”

“The air in many cells emanated from a ventilation hole in the ceiling, which was often controlled to produce extremes of temperature: sometimes so hot one would gasp for breath, sometimes freezing cold.”

Remember that all of this happened outside of any legal structure, all of the nazi-like perpetrators still walking around freely. It is a proven fact that totally innocent citizens have been subjected to these and various other forms of torture for months on end.

The US are rapidly losing credit as the world’s leader. They are turning into a hateful and hated militaristic regime – a thug state.

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  1. Gareth Herbert

    It’s a pity that so often the very serious objections that can be made of how the US conducts itself abroad are so often trampled underfoot by a swathe of protestors screaming “fascists”.

    21 Jun 2007, 13:42

  2. Yes, and no. To the extent that it clouds the validity of arguments and their convincing power to the mass of people (European and US citizens), it might not be the most advantageous term to use. It happens to be the case these days that people connect protesters screaming “fascists” to a radicalism that is not to be taken seriously.

    On the other hand, also no. We must be more inviting and curious thinkers, and ask ourselves: from where comes their criticism? What is their reason for using the term fascism. After all, fascism is a valid term that is meant to explain certain (asocial, militaristic, anti-democratic) behaviours of a state that are used with the intention to further a goal that we might term “agressive” and “intrusive”.

    In short, we can no longer allow ourselves to discard without discussion certain criticisms because they appear too “political” or “radical”. If something is morally rejectable, we must call it so.

    On a side note, I recommend you to read the Noami Wolf article in the Guardian, link

    21 Jun 2007, 15:32

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