December 11, 2007

A Blog–Related Topic

It has been a real while since I updated my blog regularly, I find that once you lose the discipline that enables you to see the world from a blog-perspective, it becomes harder by the day to find something interesting to write about. And here’s the result: I blog about blogging.

Which is, however, in itself not such a strange thing. Last year, I wrote in an article for the Sanctuary that Technorati was at that time monitoring 56 million blogs, while another 100,000 came into existence by the day. Which means that some 9 months on what we must have today is around 83 m blogs, which seems somewhat exaggerated seeing that blogs have been around for a while now and cannot be projected to grow at such rates indefinitely. (And yes, you read it correctly, I sent an article to the Sanctuary, at a time when I was on a year abroad and mistook something that in reality could go for a Daily Mirror publication for something that in my wishful imagination could compete with the Boar. Exited minds can go quite adrift at times.)

So another blog-related topic: about myself. I shall tell you what my unassumingly quiet life has run into in terms of absurdities in the last couple of days. No less but certainly no more absurd than another’s life I’m sure. On Saturday I have taken a ferry back to the Netherlands to be environmentally friendly. I was readjusted to Dutch circumstances in about 5 minutes, a top record so far. Monday morning my relocated academic office opened at 9 o’clock as on any other day, however now at GMT +1 time. Then I arranged myself a job to be a postman. I am invited for a job interview tomorrow morning. (What are they going to ask me? How well I know the streets in my village of ca. 9,000 souls? What my educational level is? I wouldn’t be surprise if I was in fact quizzed with an empty map… the lady on the phone already took a shot at asking me whether I was aware of the weather conditions at this time of the year.) The day after tomorrow I am going to a university department in Amsterdam to talk about a possible master to pick for the following year. Fairly wordy for so little to say isn’t it?

To finish in a didactic tone the following poll:
“I find the fact that a UK Government Department lost a disc with 25 m Brittons’ private data…”

a) shocking
b) no problem, everybody could have made that mistake
c) redisculous

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