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February 16, 2007

We're All Ready To Go Green, When Is the University Going To Be?

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Looking at Warwick’s intranet, I came across a jolly announcement of Go Green Week, organised by People & Planet. It seems the university considers the organisation of this week their personal merit.

And I, the cynical Angry Young Student (to put it in Sanctuary-idiom) just cannot help to sneer. When is the university going to take environmental issues seriously?

I had a look at the University’s environmental policy, which lists a couple of action points which I assume are legally compulsary (“we have glass recycling points” – well done!), further some rather passive “policies” (“we support“), and furthermore uses up more than a third of the text describing the Student Union’s policies, ie. not even their own.

When are they going to stop patting themselves on the breast and start acting more? A very simple example: paper waste at Warwick. Every print-out in the computer lab goes accompanied with a status sheet. We can do without that. Here at UAB in Barcelona, students print on chlorine-free, recycled paper. Furthermore we can print doublesided.

To go short: why won’t the University pick up the message of Go Green Week and make Warwick green, all year round?

What Happens to My Socks?

Who eats my socks?Since a while I have stopped losing socks that went into the washing machine.

It is a well-known phenomenon that every washing machine has some basic needs as well. And washing powder and softer alone aren’t sufficient – the machine at times claims one of your socks, which thereafter remains unfindable. Obvious, because the machine ate it.

Well, with this machine of ours, in the flat that I now live in, things seemed different for once. Every single time when I counted my socks an even number came out, always as many as I had put in. It surprised me somewhat, but, with every little problem that Life throws in your lap to make it just that little bit harder, once it’s gone, you forget about it. After all we tend to count our problems and not our blessings.

Like today, I had to do some washing again. After the few hours of endless spinning (our machine still does that very skillfully and without protest), I took my clothes out to hang them up to dry. Not expecting anything, I counted my socks. Twelve. Pleased with the machine, myself, and life, I recounted them. Eleven!

Now it turns out also this machine has a hunger for attention and socks. I should have known – the other day it already melted a socket in the wall.

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