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February 07, 2008

Chicken Factories

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Broiler ChickenLive Fast Die Young – the Story of a Broiler Chicken” (2007) is a short film made by Compassion in World Farming, an animal welfare organisation. It can be seen on YouTube, and I urge you to take 8 minutes and see it.

It shows quite graphically how meat chicken are born and bred in factories, moved over conveyor belts, being spat out by tubes, stacked in crates – to then be kept in overcrowded spaces where they compete for space, food and water. Each year, millions of meat chicken die outside of the slaughterhouse, from heart failure due to their unhealthily fast growth (the achievements of modern science: chicken can be made to grow several times faster than is natural and sustainable for them), dehydration and starvation. Another couple of million die from overcrowding in the slaughterhouse transports.

Not just the suffering, but the sheer commidification of these animals shocks me. They are in the first place produce, thrown around, handled roughly and kept inside factories from birth to death: becoming meat is the only purpose in the life that human consumers allow them. Modern science and technology have been developed to establish cruel and horrific animal conditions in which only the money economy seems to count. I find it difficult to believe that we still accept such a situation.

So, next time in the supermarket, think before you shop. Don’t support the bioindustry any longer, get organic and free range products.

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