November 16, 2010

The Man Without Qualities?

After taking the first part of the Warwick skills portfolio I have the choice of believing that either my strongest learning style is "Reflector" or that I am terrible at analysing myself. A mixture of the two is the most likely and I have plenty of scope for  improvement where ever I choose.

In line with the usual "New Year Resolution" style plans, I have plenty of circles around Activist statements. Hopefully by being SMART some of them might last a little longer than general New Year Resolutions.

1) Activist skill - Looking for new things to do/ways to do it

Seeing as my main aim for attending these classes is to find out more about myself and work out some careers that might not send me more insane than present, looking at some new ideas seems to be a reasonable option.

  • "Research" 4 career paths a week (Look up what the job is, how to get in and whether it would suit me)
  • Read one publication based on my subject but not completely linked to my modules a week.
  • Use a different method each week to summarise what is in this publication

2) Theorist skill - Sticking to routines

Procrastination is my friend and goes hand in hand with planning elaborate schedules using "kill or cure" methodology. Being able to stick to something that I decide to do might be a little beneficial later on.

  • By the middle of December, build up to a schedule which has at least 2 hours a week additional study in each module
  • Start off with 2 hours a week in 3 modules (maths, C programming and Quantum Physics) and 30 minutes for the remaining modules. Have some time on Saturday to fill in the massive craters left in my knowledge.
  • Each week increase the time by 15 minutes for each module.
  • Keep a tally of how many sessions a week I have actually done.

3) Theorist skill - becoming a perfectionist

Often I can get away a little by relying on "off the cuff" thinking to bodge answers fill in the gaps left by learning methods. Building up the repertoire of techniques and theory should mean that I'll be a bit better off come exam time and will let my mind drift off towards important ideas (such as music and what to have for dinner).

  • By Christmas day, have created summaries for all first term modules
  • When a new equation or derivation is given, be able to use it by the end of the week
  • Finish first drafts of assignments with 2 days to go to the deadline and then return to the work on the next two days.
  • When an assignment is completed, ask myself several questions:
  1. Did I finish the draft with 2 days to go? - Kind of makes sense seeing as that is one of the tasks
  2. Did I look at the draft at least twice before submitting? - See above
  3. Do I actually know what I am doing? - Might be useful to know seeing as I am taking a degree in the subject
  4. Am I happy with the work? - Expect this to be a resounding NO throughout the remainder of the term

Okay, I lied when I said that I was going to work on being an activist. One out of three isn't too bad though (although I would fail my degree if that was true). Anyways, happy new year time to hope for some good things to happen and that I actually remember to fill out this blog.

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