February 27, 2012

Everybody is a genius


November 25, 2011

Comment on chosen area of research

Writing about web page http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/study/csde/gsp/eportfolio/directory/pg/syrlag

From a social epistemological perspective Marcos Estrada’s chosen area of research is extremely interesting. Particularly the inclusion of what he calls "education resource" amongst the different forms of "Between Border Resources", which by being studied within the context of a what may be described as a “pluri-national urbanization” will very probably lead to the identification of official national "paradigms" (in the language of Khun) of identity construction that are actively competing between themselves (Brazilian vs. Paraguayan) but most probably, and importantly, against socially constructed identity constructions particular of the said region. As he correctly states in his research proposal "The use of the ‘education resource’ plays a role in the formation of citizenship [...] It is interesting to notice that education as a resource that can go freely between both borders may be a determinant aspect in the formation of citizenship in a neighboring country". In his research proposal Estrada mentions an instance that could be easily argued to be a Paraguayan response to the threat posed by the challenge to legitimizing nationalistic premises that the appearance of a "Brasiguaian" identity construction might translate into. According to Estrada,

"In 2005, in order to protect the interest of its citizens, the Paraguayan government sanctioned the law 2532/05 establishing a 50km zone inside Paraguay’s borders in which foreigners of neighboring countries are prohibited from purchasing land. This political action and the slow and inefficient response to the Brasiguaio issue served to encourage popular actions taken against this group, and the conflict between Brasiguaios and Paraguayans escalated."

Because an important element of this research project involves the empirical study of struggle amongst different forms of knowledge I am very interested in its development.

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