July 14, 2014

Unforgettable Memory in Warwick

I came to the University of Warwick in late May, which is the first time in my life come to the UK. The University of Warwick was my first stop in continental Europe. I went to WMG building to participate Study Week on the second day of my arrival, and this is also the first time in my life to attend this form of learning week course.

As an international student, though in Hong Kong, each course also contains group work, it never like the teamwork here,very enjoy. Teachers just do a simple introduction, and provided us some materials, then divide the groups. The method of dividing is very good, both voluntary and random fair.

Also,this is the first seminar in my life. Asking questions from the students themselves, and then discuss and solve then by themselves. This form is very attractive.
And the problems are very practical.Therefore, this knowledge is important to me. When I later at work, I have a basic idea to analyse.

Before taking this module, I have no fundamental knowledge about
KBAM. But in the initial process of reading the materials, I made some conclusions and my own thinking. Because this course contains a large range of contents, it is not an independent subject. it has great relationship with a lot of other knowledge. So afther learnt it, I have a deeper understanding of previous knowledge I have learnt.

When preparing the in-modle assignment, in addition to
a basic understanding of asset management as well as knowledge management, under the division of labor in groups, everyone need to be responsible for his part. Hence, I got more profound understandings for my part.

I never obtain so many "the first" at one time and I really appreciate the experience here. Thank you all very muc!

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