January 24, 2018

A journey to London

What I visited in London. As we all know, London is such an awesome city who has a ton of attraction for visitors. Today I would like to introduce my travel in London.


I am really a fan of Sherlock Holmes, who is an unique consulting detective around the world. So the first station should be the Sherlock Holmes Museum and the address is 221B Baker Street.


There are a lot of pictures about Sherlock at Baker Street.

Buckingham Palace

The next station is Buckingham Palace. Though the weather is terrible that day, the statue in front of Buckingham Palace is still shining.

Big ben

It is such a pity that Big Ben is being repaired at that day. So what we can see is just a shell out of it:-(

light festival

I have to say that light festival impressed me the most. There are colorful lights that make up different kinds of sceneries. It is really beautiful during the night.


In England, what you have to eat is fish and chips. we just went to the oldest fish and chips restaurant in China Town and had a try. The smell of seafood is not strong and the pea sauce is a lightspot in the whole dish.


It is a fantastic journey at all!

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