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November 07, 2011

Researching Electro Swing and Dutty Moonshine

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It's currently reading week and, amongst my many academic tasks, I have the task of researching Electro Swing and Dutty Moonshine for the upcoming Get Funked UP event at Warwick SU's Copper Rooms 2. After hearing of it briefly, I set out on my mission with next to no knowledge of the genre and of the group.

Typing a quick search into YouTube gave me the standard results: a few videos with cover art image stills and camera phone-standard footage of live performances in low lighting with a view of a massive crowd of people. Good news then; we know that their music has been bringing in the crowds.

Enticed by the title 'How To Escape A Haunted House' (because everybody needs to know how to escape a haunted house) I sat back to listen to what this was all about and what Dutty Moonshine had to offer. The catchy electronic riff admittedly got me sitting back up (I am a sucker for a catchy tune) but then I was caught by the unexpected dancing piano. Take note of the word 'dancing' because electro swing surely involves a lot of it. To explain what I was captured by let me illustrate what I see as electro swing. Imagine that charleston dancer giving it her all on the dancefloor in front of a big brass band being transported into our time and finding herself in a club playing your typical electronic anthems and she demands, with her sassy self, her sax and her sublime vocals because she wants to and must dance - the heavy electronic beat has already got her feet going but the swing rhythm over the top of it seals it for her and she starts swinging her legs and arms as the piano dances delightfully on top of the heavy electronic beat. Now this is one sweet mash-up that has certainly lifted off as a genre of it's own right.

Now, of course, as vividly as I may like to illustrate to you my idea of electro swing with such stories I know that I cannot fully reach out to you in the same way that a good old listen to some electro swing will so here you go:

Dutty Moonshine - How To Escape A Haunted House

The Electric Swing Circus - The Penniless Optimist

10 Minute Electro Swing Mix

Caravan Palace - Clash (featuring takeSomeCrime, the smooth mover on YouTube).

(Even takeSomeCrime has had some good times on electro swing!)

Parov Stelar - Catgroove

And some more takeSomeCrime because I know you can't get enough of his moves.

Dutty Moonshine - Swing Hop

Hopefully you've enjoyed these tunes and can see how much fun electro swing is. I don't think it is possible to not dance or at least move when some electro swing is entertaining your ears. Before my research I had no idea about electro swing but I am genuinely convinced that a good night is to be had for all those who come to Get Funked UP so do get your tickets and come along and dance and just enjoy this exciting genre of music. It is really a scene to become a part of, a lot of good vibes, why would you turn it down? Also, Dutty Moonshine themselves will be there playing a set for us lucky attendees! They are most excellent (as you can hear) and they'll be playing us some great tunes we can swing to. Now you know you cannot miss this night. Click here to go the event's page on the Warwick SU's website and buy your tickets!

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