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April 25, 2009

some reflection on FM cont'd


Chotipanich and Nutt, (2008) said that Facilities Management is expected to contribute positively to the “corporate culture, organisational effectiveness, work productivity, business flexibility, property performance, staff wellbeing and customer satisfaction.” Pathirage et al ( 2006) also added that FM creates the conditions in which business effectiveness may be achieved. Others claim that FM makes a significant contribution to business success.


All the business activities rely heavily on its facilities, for example, call centres’ operation relies on telephones, the running of university needs the provision of classrooms and offices. Any business will need the most basic infrastructure support if they want to operate properly. Furthermore, good facility management is not only about minimising the cost of running the infrastructure and facilities, but also creating value. For example, with good facilities management, people can work in an environment they feel comfortable in and thus, increase productivity, and innovation, which is key to the success of any business.


It is not exaggerated at all that FM is one of the main contributors to success, because it supports the effective, efficient and economic operation of an organisation, although  facilities management is often considered as “supportive activities”.

Ref; Pathirage, Amaratunga, Haigh and Baldry, 2006, Managing Knowledge for Facilities Management Organisational Effectiveness: A business case, CORBA

Chotipanich and Nutt, 2008 Positioning and repositioning FM, Facilities

April 22, 2009

Some reflection on FM

Having done my research for my KBAM coursework, now is time to write up.


I have chosen Facilities Management (FM) as the one aspect of WaveRiders’ asset management they need to develop. After reading a few journals, I feel the FM part often doesn't get enough attention as it is suppose to, therefore it is useful to let the WaveRiders board aware of the issue (the scenarios of my coursework).


Over the years, facilities management has already gone through four generations. At the beginning, facilities management is about the overheads of a company, and the focus at that time was managing facilities at the lowest cost, facilities management is isolated from the entire organisation. The second generation is integrating FM into the organisation as a continuous process. Third generation, FM was regarded as resource management, and supply chain issues was the FM focus at that time. The forth generation, people have realised the importance of FM as one of the core contributors of business success, FM plays an important role in a company’s strategic plan. FM is starting to align with organisational structure, work processes. (Pathirage et al, 2008)


Although most literature have shown that FM is an important element towards a company’s success, FM is still considered as one of “supportive activities” within a company. Companies are more likely to focus their energy on “primary activities”, such as operations, marketing and sales. Therefore, I think FM need to get more attention from the management board.


Reference: Pathirage, C., Haigh, R., Amaratunga, D., and Baldry, D., 2008, Knowledge management practices in facilities organisations: a case study, Journal of Facilities Management, 6(1)

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