November 22, 2008

Social Night

I am tired, but I had  a lot fun...

Tonight is our first MBE social night and we also had a friend from an other course.

I always feel that because I live off campus, I might not get as much contact with those of you that live on campus, you can knock on each other's doors at anytime, but for me it takes 15 minutes to get to the University. I was worried that because I live off campus, it might be difficult to build up a close relationship with my coursemates but of course I was wrong.

Thank you for tonight's event, which gave us the opportunity to talk more to each other, and  gave us the chance to "show off" our cooking, which was INDEED really good!! With so much food and drink plus music, what more can you ask for?

Thanks Guys, I had a lot of fun!

November 11, 2008

Global Business Environment PMA (Continued)

It is nearly the end of my Global Business Environment PMA, only a few days left and I will hand it in soon.

Since the last time I posted a blog about the difficulties I encountered when I tried to find useful information, I received a lot good suggestions. Thank you all, especially the library staff. To be honest, when I wrote that blog, I was more like moaning about something, I didn't even expect that anybody was going to read it. I know now that I was wrong. Thanks to all of you for your time to read my blog and give me good suggestions.

I have dug deeply in the library resource database, especially in the Business Source Premier. I finally got enough information for me to write about the reasons how aerospace became a globalised industry, and I also found some very interesting information on the internet.

I used to think that like all the other industries, aerospace outsourcing or having suppliers from all over the world is mainly because of the cheap labour cost in the developing countries. Well, I was wrong again.

Aerospace industry is a different sector, not like others, it involves high technology and safety requirements. Governments also have long prioritisied their interests in the aviation sector, and fighting to get the most advanced technology to build their own airliners. Since aircraft manufacturers' customers base are worldwide, globalising the industry is also used as a way for the original equipment manufacturer such as Boeing, Airbus to attract customers at the supplier's domestic country. Cheap labour might be one of the reasons that Boeing and Airbus outsource their manufacturing activities, but the main reasons are to attract more customers.

Always feel so good to learn something new....

November 03, 2008

Global Business Environment PMA

I am stuck.

I don't know how to write my PMA. I am in panic.

Well, let me explain first.

First of all, I have chosen the aerospace sector for my Globalisation assignment. So I need to use a maximum 4000 words to describe what happened in the aerospace industry about globalisation, and discuss the impact on trade patterns, growth rates of output and employment in an OECD country.

It sounds quite straightforward and I was also very confident. I got examples, Airbus, Boeing all work globally. They have suppliers all around the world, and they sell their products all around the world. therefore, the aerospace industry is basically a globalised industry.

I then worked out my outline.

1. Introduction (Globalisation in general)

2. Globalisation in the aerospace sector (History, what caused it, mainly cheap labour cost in China, India etc)

3. The Impact of Globalisation:

  •    Trade Pattern: Supply Chain intergration
  •    Investment: FDI or International Investment, Outsourcing or Subsidiary
  •    Impact on output ( use Airbus's new assembly in China as example, what is their productivity)
  •    Impact on employment ( find out the employment at Boeing in the USA)

4. The future

5. Conclusion

I worked out the structure but I find it is very hard to find information. I searched the internet, but have not found any journal really valuable. I think I am on the right track, but why it is so difficult to find information, especially with regards to the impact of globalisation, I need evidence to back up what I want to say, but it is just difficult, I'm Stuck.




October 24, 2008

Computer Aid

How many of use spend most of our spare time on a computer?

I suppose there are quite a lot.

I have noticed my life is getting really hard without my laptop or the internet. I just can not get used to the life have no broadband. It becomes a part of my life, but it only became a part of life about 7 years ago, how did I spend my leisure time at that time? Am I rely on the computer too much.

when I was working at Rolls-Royce, I remember there was one time that we had some problems with our computer system for about two hours. I could not find anything to do because I could not log on to the system and all my work was in there, just behind that black screen and out of reach.

Last night, we had our first online group meeting, seven of us had a "conference" on Skype, we did a final check at our reports and even held a presentation with the aid from Google docs and Skype. The meeting went really well. I am amazed how many things we can now do on the internet.

However, I am not encourage myself to do that often. I am still quite old fashioned. I do enjoy communicating with my team mates or friends face to face, well, just for the sake of seeing each other's face expression. When I talk to people, I like to look into their eyes, not in a harsh way, in a gentle way I suppose... It just feels better.

I understand we only did that once, normally we arrange a meet up, it was just last night that timing was just not good for some of use who is live off campus (Myself), so to save a trip, we decided to meet online. It is quite a efficient and different experience. 

October 16, 2008


I told myself today when I was sitting at Auditorium that I am going to write my blog after I get back, and that is what I am doing now.

Today is the forth day of the Global Business Environment. During the last few days, I have learnt a lot about globalisation, what is tariff, exchange rate, international trade, the current credit crunch. Today, the module focus on Business strategy. The world is changing everyday, to have a sustainable future, a business need to adapt its own strategy, and this is how business can survive under today's competitive environment. How can  an organisation improve their products or service to attract customers from their competitors is what organisations need to consider.

To be honest, it is not my first time doing something about Strategic Analysis. My undergraduate degree had a specific module called Business Strategy Analysis, one of our coursework for that module is to develop an airline company based on the strategy we got a A for that piece of coursework. My final year dissertation was a business strategy analysis of Premium long haul operators, using the PESTEL framework.

This morning, I was struggling to get out from my bed, one reason is because I haven't adapt the 9 to 6 life yet, the second is because I thought I have done enough about Business Strategy Analysis. Now, I am glad I went to today's lecture.

Today's lecture is different, not only because the lecturer made a few jokes to get students' attention, but also for the way the lecture is being delivered. The lecturer's experience in different industry sectors also has made the lecture more alive. I can not really tell how great it is, in one word, it is "Brilliant".

Overall, I think the Global Business Environment is quite good. I don't have much knowledge about Business, so everything I learnt was quite new for me. Before I attend the course, I don't even know what Tariff is, now I know it plays such an important role in the import, export business ( a result of Globalisation).

The afternoon's team study helps us to put the things we learnt from mornings lecture to practise. However, I do think that doing group discussion for the whole afternoon is a bit too long. From my experience, our team normally finish the task in 2 hours time. I don't know how the other groups did though. I do understand why a whole afternoon was be given to do the group discussion- think outside the box, but sometimes, some of us are just a bit lazy, including me.

I normally have someone to check my grammar before I post anything on the blog, but these days, the someone is on holiday. so Sorry if my words not make sense or with lots of basic grammar mistakes. Thanks for reading.

October 09, 2008


I am in the middle of doing my mini project, and getting a bit stressed. So I come to my blog and write something.

Before I came to Warwick, I had a chance to work in the aviation industry, which I always dreamed for. Then later, after careful consideration, I decided to do the master degree.

I decide to do the course is because I want to explore more about how to be a effective manager. I have learnt all the basic knowledge about the aviation industry, however I don't have many ideas of being a manager. I know my career will begin with a basic operations role, maybe i will start my career as a customer service officer, like what I have done at my placement year. I do have the ambition to be a manager one day or even in a bigger role. lol... I think this is why I chose the course.

I like to watch Heroes, in that drama, there are always some people can see the future, they know what is going to happen and try to prevent accidents from the beginning. "Save the cheerleader, save the world", it sounds a bit funny. I wish I could see the future as well, so I know what I am going to be. 

Just some non-sense here.


October 07, 2008


There are a few things I picked up from today's first group meeting.

First of all, it is easy to be a leader, because everybody can say: " I want to be a leader", and everyone else in the group agrees, so there is a Leader. However, how to be a GOOD LEADER?

We have 6 mini group projects, most of us will have the opportunity to be a leader once. However, working with a group of people with different working styles and different attitudes towards the group course work, coordinating all the work required for the task and to motivate the team in order to achieve the best outcome and most importantly good communication with the team. All of these are very big challenges for a leader.

Furthermore, in a team, each one is a different individual, team members are not simply just to do what they have been told by the team leader, but each one will have different opinions, thus for a team leader, he/she will definately have to deal with lots of conflicts raised from all the group discussion or debates. Respecting the different opinions of each individual and bringing out the best from each of team members are very challenging as well. So far, we have had quite a positive discussion and everybody is willing to contribute to the team.

Another quality required for a leader is to be able to accept constructive criticism, by listening and learning from different  thoughts and opinions voiced by team members only is a leader able to progress and improve his/her leadership skills.

Leadership is not dictatorship, and it is vitally important that a leader is able to listen and to take in all kinds of different opionions voiced to analyse and to make a decision that suits the majority rather than him/herself. A leader will have a certain amount of power over others, but not the right to over use those powers.

There is another thing strikes me is everybody’s working style. I have to admit I am not the most hard working type.  This does not mean I don’t like to work, I do, and I dedicate a large amount time to work. However, Apart from working, I also enjoy a good movie, a interesting TV programme, or even chatting with friends, or enjoy a nice meal with my flatmate. If my team ask me to go to learning grid at 23:30, I will definitely say no. I know some people work really hard, I respect that, and I wish I could be like that, but I know it is just too hard for me to resist all the temptations around me.

A good start is half way to success, and I wish our team all the success.

It is my pleasure to be with you all, so little I know and so much to learn. 

That is all from me today, thanks for reading.

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