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November 26, 2008

How to transform an organization to a learning organisation

Here I am again, another piece of coursework... I chose the third topic; How to transform an organisation to a learning organisation, use Deming's Profound knowledge and EFQM as a framework.

There are four core values in Deming's system of profound knowledge:

System, Variation, Knowledge and Psychology.

When it comes to developing an organisation into a learning organisation, it becomes the goal of an organisation, requiring the whole system to understand this aim. Neglect of any components of a system will lead to the failure of accomplishing the goal.

To manage the process of transforming an organisation to a learning organisation, it is important to understand Variation. Common variation and special variation are the two different types of variation. One is within a process while the other is caused by special events outside the process. Understanding the two types of variation can help an organisation to improve the learning process.

Knowledge is an essential element for managing the learning process. 'any sound interpretation of data requires some knowledge of the subject matter' (McNary,1997). Transforming an organisation to a learning organisation, requires the managers to understand what the customer's needs are and to make future predictions about the changing environment around them.

Psychology is fundamental; understanding the people involved in the learning process will help managers in how to motivate them towards the goal of becoming a learning organisation.

This is how I understand the system of profound knowledge can be used to transform an organisation to a learning organisation. Am I on the right track?


November 22, 2008

Social Night

I am tired, but I had  a lot fun...

Tonight is our first MBE social night and we also had a friend from an other course.

I always feel that because I live off campus, I might not get as much contact with those of you that live on campus, you can knock on each other's doors at anytime, but for me it takes 15 minutes to get to the University. I was worried that because I live off campus, it might be difficult to build up a close relationship with my coursemates but of course I was wrong.

Thank you for tonight's event, which gave us the opportunity to talk more to each other, and  gave us the chance to "show off" our cooking, which was INDEED really good!! With so much food and drink plus music, what more can you ask for?

Thanks Guys, I had a lot of fun!

November 11, 2008

Global Business Environment PMA (Continued)

It is nearly the end of my Global Business Environment PMA, only a few days left and I will hand it in soon.

Since the last time I posted a blog about the difficulties I encountered when I tried to find useful information, I received a lot good suggestions. Thank you all, especially the library staff. To be honest, when I wrote that blog, I was more like moaning about something, I didn't even expect that anybody was going to read it. I know now that I was wrong. Thanks to all of you for your time to read my blog and give me good suggestions.

I have dug deeply in the library resource database, especially in the Business Source Premier. I finally got enough information for me to write about the reasons how aerospace became a globalised industry, and I also found some very interesting information on the internet.

I used to think that like all the other industries, aerospace outsourcing or having suppliers from all over the world is mainly because of the cheap labour cost in the developing countries. Well, I was wrong again.

Aerospace industry is a different sector, not like others, it involves high technology and safety requirements. Governments also have long prioritisied their interests in the aviation sector, and fighting to get the most advanced technology to build their own airliners. Since aircraft manufacturers' customers base are worldwide, globalising the industry is also used as a way for the original equipment manufacturer such as Boeing, Airbus to attract customers at the supplier's domestic country. Cheap labour might be one of the reasons that Boeing and Airbus outsource their manufacturing activities, but the main reasons are to attract more customers.

Always feel so good to learn something new....

November 03, 2008

Global Business Environment PMA

I am stuck.

I don't know how to write my PMA. I am in panic.

Well, let me explain first.

First of all, I have chosen the aerospace sector for my Globalisation assignment. So I need to use a maximum 4000 words to describe what happened in the aerospace industry about globalisation, and discuss the impact on trade patterns, growth rates of output and employment in an OECD country.

It sounds quite straightforward and I was also very confident. I got examples, Airbus, Boeing all work globally. They have suppliers all around the world, and they sell their products all around the world. therefore, the aerospace industry is basically a globalised industry.

I then worked out my outline.

1. Introduction (Globalisation in general)

2. Globalisation in the aerospace sector (History, what caused it, mainly cheap labour cost in China, India etc)

3. The Impact of Globalisation:

  •    Trade Pattern: Supply Chain intergration
  •    Investment: FDI or International Investment, Outsourcing or Subsidiary
  •    Impact on output ( use Airbus's new assembly in China as example, what is their productivity)
  •    Impact on employment ( find out the employment at Boeing in the USA)

4. The future

5. Conclusion

I worked out the structure but I find it is very hard to find information. I searched the internet, but have not found any journal really valuable. I think I am on the right track, but why it is so difficult to find information, especially with regards to the impact of globalisation, I need evidence to back up what I want to say, but it is just difficult, I'm Stuck.




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