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October 24, 2008

Computer Aid

How many of use spend most of our spare time on a computer?

I suppose there are quite a lot.

I have noticed my life is getting really hard without my laptop or the internet. I just can not get used to the life have no broadband. It becomes a part of my life, but it only became a part of life about 7 years ago, how did I spend my leisure time at that time? Am I rely on the computer too much.

when I was working at Rolls-Royce, I remember there was one time that we had some problems with our computer system for about two hours. I could not find anything to do because I could not log on to the system and all my work was in there, just behind that black screen and out of reach.

Last night, we had our first online group meeting, seven of us had a "conference" on Skype, we did a final check at our reports and even held a presentation with the aid from Google docs and Skype. The meeting went really well. I am amazed how many things we can now do on the internet.

However, I am not encourage myself to do that often. I am still quite old fashioned. I do enjoy communicating with my team mates or friends face to face, well, just for the sake of seeing each other's face expression. When I talk to people, I like to look into their eyes, not in a harsh way, in a gentle way I suppose... It just feels better.

I understand we only did that once, normally we arrange a meet up, it was just last night that timing was just not good for some of use who is live off campus (Myself), so to save a trip, we decided to meet online. It is quite a efficient and different experience. 

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