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October 16, 2008


I told myself today when I was sitting at Auditorium that I am going to write my blog after I get back, and that is what I am doing now.

Today is the forth day of the Global Business Environment. During the last few days, I have learnt a lot about globalisation, what is tariff, exchange rate, international trade, the current credit crunch. Today, the module focus on Business strategy. The world is changing everyday, to have a sustainable future, a business need to adapt its own strategy, and this is how business can survive under today's competitive environment. How can  an organisation improve their products or service to attract customers from their competitors is what organisations need to consider.

To be honest, it is not my first time doing something about Strategic Analysis. My undergraduate degree had a specific module called Business Strategy Analysis, one of our coursework for that module is to develop an airline company based on the strategy we got a A for that piece of coursework. My final year dissertation was a business strategy analysis of Premium long haul operators, using the PESTEL framework.

This morning, I was struggling to get out from my bed, one reason is because I haven't adapt the 9 to 6 life yet, the second is because I thought I have done enough about Business Strategy Analysis. Now, I am glad I went to today's lecture.

Today's lecture is different, not only because the lecturer made a few jokes to get students' attention, but also for the way the lecture is being delivered. The lecturer's experience in different industry sectors also has made the lecture more alive. I can not really tell how great it is, in one word, it is "Brilliant".

Overall, I think the Global Business Environment is quite good. I don't have much knowledge about Business, so everything I learnt was quite new for me. Before I attend the course, I don't even know what Tariff is, now I know it plays such an important role in the import, export business ( a result of Globalisation).

The afternoon's team study helps us to put the things we learnt from mornings lecture to practise. However, I do think that doing group discussion for the whole afternoon is a bit too long. From my experience, our team normally finish the task in 2 hours time. I don't know how the other groups did though. I do understand why a whole afternoon was be given to do the group discussion- think outside the box, but sometimes, some of us are just a bit lazy, including me.

I normally have someone to check my grammar before I post anything on the blog, but these days, the someone is on holiday. so Sorry if my words not make sense or with lots of basic grammar mistakes. Thanks for reading.

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