September 20, 2004

Match fever

I wrote a better entry than this but for some reason it disappeared-no idea what happened

Sunday was great. Fantastic bit of action that made up for the whole lousy weekend! We won of course, which has put me on a high- i hope it will last for the rest of the week.

If you guys haven't understood- i'm talking about the pakistan vs India cricket match. Superb!!! Kept you on the edge of your seats.

Apart from that, the weekend was majorly tiring, been cleaning up and setting the house everynight since wed and working till 2am!! My parents extended the house a bit and so we've been busy helping out.
Hope my brain will stil be functioning- got a whole day to get through.

September 16, 2004

Current Learning Methods

My first degree was mostly lecture oreintated but it also had a fair deal of independant learning. Group work wasn't really much of a main concern and only really necessary for presentations or when we were really really stuck on a particular subject.

Currently i really cannot answer questions just by rote learning, i need to go back and have a thorough understanding of the subject, which allows me to look into other interesting topics if i have time. However, i do use both methods when it comes to exams, because there just isn't enough time to cover everything

Which comes onto the main problem that i have, which shamefully is still- time management. I still don't think that i have mastered this skill, but the best thing to do is to keep trying and i guess its also to try not to do too many things at one time and use the key word…prioritise.

September 14, 2004

Group work

2nd day and not yet buried under a mountain of books- looking good!
Found out that my group is really great- alot of diversity, alot of different backgrounds and it definatley looks like they know their stuff- before we even start- which undoubtedly looks great for us!

Thought that the clinical communication lectures were really good- full credit goes to the artists who were performing! Well done!

September 13, 2004

Trust and compassion

For some ppl the first day of uni is prob fillled with a bit of fear- in the 'what is going to happen to me now?' category- i have to admit- i was one of them.

But after the warm welcome that we recieved here at warwick- it looks like it actually isnt that intimidating as we feared!

Though we did loose a bit of money today- i guess the free lunch made up for it.

Wasn't all fun and games though- two important words were left embedded in our minds- trust and compassion, which i hope that all of us will be able to have our names attributed to.

Just liked to say a big thanks to all of the staff and students who helped out today.

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