October 18, 2009

Writing a BLOG actually made me think!!

Hello guys!

I am Meenal Goenka, pursuing MSc in Management for Business Excellence. This is my second week in the university, and i am quite settled. As a person I like to try new things, and adapt to changes. So when we were told of writing blogs, I liked the idea behind it. Whenever we read information, we tend to believe we have understood it, but we don’t think of putting the ideas collected together in a constructive manner. Writing a blog actually made me think deeply of my thoughts about a particular thing.

Well, what I can see is, writing a blog in itself is learning. I tend to improve my writing skills.

Whenever I have a topic to study, I always get stuck on how to go about the subject, on how to proceed. Then we were told about Mind Mapping. Well, I tried to do that with the mini - projects we were assigned and it helped me improve my performance. Mind Mapping is simply classifying and structuring your ideas in different heads and sub-heads so that there can be a flow of ideas. It allows greater creativity. You don’t miss out on any part of the topic because you have everything written down under different heads.

Well, while working on Mini-Projects, I got to learn a lot of things. I got to know my team mates, their approach of learning, and their way of thinking about a particular topic. It made me think about the way I learn and how I can improve on it.

Well, I think writing a blog will also improve my communication skills; I will learn to communicate and convey my ideas properly to be able to understand by other people.

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  1. Sue

    Coming of Age Party

    I’m still getting over a coming of age party I went to on Friday night! It was a very glittery affair. I was quite enthralled by all the different anecdotes which the party girl has a definite knack for telling. One of them involved some kind of drinking game in which she thought she was being given “Grolsh” to drink but it turned out to be “Goldschlager” which she said had little flakes of gold in and cut her throat on the way down. Everyone was quite shocked by this story although she said she’d never drink it again. Later, the whole thing was cleared up for me when someone with scientific knowledge told me that gold is very malleable and the whole thing about this drink having “cut-throat” characteristics is an urban myth.

    The Hadron Collider

    This morning on the radio I heard someone say “The Hadron Collider might be sabotaging itself from the future.” One of the other people who was part of the discussion said “Why don’t they just say “It doesn’t work?”

    18 Oct 2009, 22:37

  2. Paul Roberts

    I like the title of your blog Meenal. I look forward to reading your next entries.

    20 Oct 2009, 20:49

  3. Thanks Paul

    25 Oct 2009, 22:13

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