April 12, 2010

What make people resistant to share the tactic knowledge they possess within the organisation?

Well, there could be various reasons for people being resistant to share their tactic knowledge within the organisation. One of the reasons is the kind of environment, education, and experiences it has previously had. The kind of exposure an individual have had before joining any organisation have a great impact on how the individual carry out any activity. The kind of environment or the experience it has been to, lead to the development of fear, it could be fear to failure or surprisingly, even fear to succeed, fear to get known and being rewarded. The education it had shapes the character and the vision of the individual, whether he is being competitive or co-operative in sharing the knowledge it possess. The selection and recruitment of such individuals forms the culture of the organisation. It is positive for the organisation if an individual who has the need and the capability is appointed. Leadership plays a vital role in influencing the thoughts and activities of the individual but it requires the individual to have the willingness to change, to learn and to improve. Then there are various other reasons which obstruct the sharing of the tactic knowledge in the organisation. It could be the organisational structure, the way the system is designed for knowledge sharing. Many a times, the best way to share knowledge is the informal meeting at the coffee machine. It is not always the best idea to specify a particular time and place for the people to act. Informal social meetings can be a good option which under the company’s discipline can prove productive. Sometimes, people lack the confidence and feel inferior to talk about their ideas to senior level. Most of the time, people don’t feel the need to share the knowledge they hold, they just work to get the security to its job and satisfy their basic needs which the organisation fails to ensure. Reward system also plays a crucial role; it plays an important part in motivating the individuals. Some people want to share the knowledge but there isn’t any encouragement, it could be because of the competition prevailing, or the people are just too busy to carry out the day to day task that they don’t have enough time, or they don’t consider it important to take out time and learn from the experience the other people have had. This can be improved by coaching, increasing the level of communication between all the levels of the organisation. Most important element of it is leadership and encouraging people constantly, training them and keep inspiring them by giving them rewards which relates to the performance and not just the output or on numbers. Creating an organisational structure in a way, where the knowledge and information flows smoothly under a controlled manner and keeping in view the company’s rules and regulation. Removing barriers to share knowledge, one way could be allowing people to make mistakes, and inspire to learn from them.

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