October 25, 2009

To adapt to change is a challenge!!

To adapt to change is a challenge!!

Competition is one thing we see everywhere, may it be sports, business, governmental or non-governmental organizations. What we see is what we learn, and what we learn is what we try to implement. So often you can see there is competition not only among the organizations but within the organization as well. Different departmental heads compete with each other to get the next higher position. There is a win-lose culture generally seen in most of the places. Well, I have been taught the same in my secondary and higher level of education. But when i studied that Co-operation is better and has many advantages over Competition, I found it challenging to accept and implement.

What I have learnt is Co-operation within the organization leads to shared building vision. Employees are no longer focused only on their departmental goals. Through cooperation there builds an understanding that, lack in one area may be necessary to achieve the company's goals. In an organization it is very important that management team views where the company will be in 10 , 20 , 30 years time, and if this thought is shared  by every employee, then it leads to betterment. Co-operation establishes a win-win culture which is very important inside the organization. It helps people to share the knowledge they achieve through their experiences which will enable to do their job effectively.

Well, the important question is how you can attain Co-operation within your organization; it can be done by making the different parts of the company interdependent on each other, so that there is a greater need of co-operation in order to achieve optimization in the performance. Another thing can be, training to employees and making them understand the company's objectives and how co-operation play an important role.

Well, another thing that impressed me is if there is Co-operation among different organizations, then instead of aiming to make the other loose, you strive to create a new market and an opportunity to win for everyone.

Well, it is not easy to adopt a completely different idea, but since I have known the advantages of it, I can see how important it is to have co-operation instead of competition.

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  1. I think trying to have an organisation with a “shared vision” and “co-operation” attitude could be utopic. From my experience I can say people are always competing, doesnt matter whether the managers are trying to direct their people to the same goal, or if the employees get training all the time in order to target the company’s objective, most of the time employees are working first as individuals, and then as partners, and the same is applied in departments, a department first looks after its benefits and try to reach the targets better than other departments, and after they achieve this, they can cooperate with others…..as you mention it, it is a challenge!!.
    About VISION, I dont agree with you on terms of time, the organisation should establish goals in long term, that is, in more than 1 year. If you set 30, 40 years targets, people will not feel motivated, because they might leave the company so much earlier than you think. People as individuals have life goals, you should establish goals no longer than 5 years, and try to achieve them buy explaining employees how this achievement will benefit them…for example, a year-bonus increase, in that way people could be more involved.

    25 Oct 2009, 17:36

  2. hey ronald, thanks for sharing your views and making a comment on my blog. I really appreciate it. I know that people are always competing and are working as individuals first because that is what they are taught and this is what they see around them, hence they learn what they see and they implement what they learn which i mentioned earlier, but this is what has to be improved. Attitude of Co-operation must be developed to create a win win culture and a positive attitude towards life!! And that is where my topic develops, adapt to change is a challenge!!
    In regards to time, i meant a long term vision must be developed and the company should not focus only on the quick profits. Generally, most of the people are engaged in optimizing either their departmental goals or their personal interest in the company but with co operation and working together they build a vision which goes beyond their own interest and looks upon the interest of the company as a whole.

    25 Oct 2009, 21:39

  3. yeah..you are right, a company establishes a vision which should be “shared” by all employees, as how the company sees itself ..let’s say..in 20 years. And I correct myself in that point…one thing is a long-term vision, and another thing is establishing 3-5 years goals which are usually developed on specific needs of the company, for example..in 3 years sales should increase in 40% and for that, the company have to create strategies that will take it to the desired outcomes. With this, I want to say that these long-term goals should also be taken in consideration, to keep up the employee’s motivation…otherwise it would be a monotous work for them, it’s not only about the vision of the company which is usually very general….it’s also about specific goals in shorter time..and how we keep informed everyone of these goals, and how we implement new methods to reach them up.

    25 Oct 2009, 22:15

  4. Paul Roberts

    You got a good discussion going there. We do live in a world with a largely win-lose mentality which is strange because all of mankind’s greatest successes are born out of teamwork aren’t they? I think that if we understand that we are working as part of a system then for the system to be successful it must have an aim (otherwise how does it know in what direction to apply its resources). For the aim to be achieved optimally all parts of the system should work together. Deming used the example of an orchestra to create in your imagination what it would sound like if each member of the orchestra tried to outplay each other, to be noticed. Would you pay for a ticket to listen to such a system?

    23 Nov 2009, 15:12

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