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January 11, 2010

Understanding Leadership

Leadership can be direct or indirect. Direct leadership is when you are an autocratic leader, where you tend to ask people to do just as they are told to do. You do not entertain any opinions or suggestions from them. Here people are being treated just as the means to get the required work done. Hence, it doesn’t come with any motivation or inspiration driving them to work out of their comfort zone. People do work, but not with enthusiasm. They don’t have a vision of where the company might want to be in a longer term. They just work for their own survival. Another is Indirect Leadership. Here the leader is more democratic, takes into the account the viewpoint of individuals. This can be a great inspiration for the workers because they are the part of the solution. From the session today I learnt that when they are inspired, they tend to have a broader vision of the company, and then the work doesn’t remain just salary package they are working for. But they work to learn, to improve and get the company to the next level which of course will lead to their development as well. Working just to attain compliance is not the only aim of the workers. The most important characteristic that I see in a leader is, when it can get the most out of the people. It is very important to have the right approach to keep them motivated and getting the work done at the same time. The second most important characteristic of a leader is to keep up the team work. It can be influenced in different ways, as how the people are being recognised, rewarded, praised, empowered and punished in an organisation. Leadership by definition involves change whereas management’s work is getting the current system going by minimising the risk. It is important that both work well to get the organisation where it wants it to be.

Well, if I will be working in an organisation later this year, my expectation of a leader would be to create a working environment where there is team work, and all striving to achieve a common aim, that is the aim of the company. No individual interest involved and guides in a way that creates learning and development at all the stages and keep us motivated. Suggestions and opinions are taken and everyone is treated fairly.

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