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June 20, 2007

MediiGate Key Functionalities NEWSFEED

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News feed (RDF) module allows a Newsfeed to be added to the MediGate site from a location on an Internet web site.

The module allows adding and editing of Newsfeeds.

Add New Newsfeed

This option allows the user to add a new Newsfeed to the MediGate site.

By clicking on the Edit link to the right of the News feed title, the XML Settings form is opened. The details of the Newsfeed can be added to the form with all fields being optional. It should be noted that unless the external XML source generates valid XML in a format understood by the selected XSLT Transform file (the emerging standards for such formats include RDF and RSS), the Newsfeed will not be displayed on the MediGate site.

Can we please tell people what to do when the newsfeed source provides the ready code as opposed to the url link? How would someone that has not done this before differentiate between the two? Please advise.

By clicking on the Update link, providing a valid Newsfeed Url has been provided, the user will be returned to the Newsfeed module screen and the Newsfeed will be displayed.

By clicking the Cancel link, all details are lost and the Newsfeed is not created.

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