June 25, 2007

MediiGate News Technology — Yahoo Pipes

Writing about web page http://www.mediigate.com/Medigate/DesktopDefault.aspx?tabindex=8&tabid=3658

Yahoo Launched 'Pipes' service yesterday -- http://pipes.yahoo.com/
Review on Techcrunch£ºhttp://www.techcrunch.com/2007/02/07/yahoo-launches-pipes/

Pipes, as it is, are supposed to aggregate resources together. Yahoo Pipes is aiming at aggregating information all over the Internet together, so that users don't need to go on different websites to get their interesting stuff.

According to Yahoo, pipes are able to aggregate different types of information; based on my real case, RSS feeds aggregation is my first goal, then I'll show you how to aggregate my RSS feeds.

RSS originally is defined to aggregate news, but very soon, all news agents started publishing their own RSS feeds, which makes us to collect them individually. We used to do coding to integrate all these feeds, but still, that needs coding. Yahoo Pipes doesn't need programme knowledge any more, as long as you can recognise URL, you will be able to do it.

Then I wil show my integration of Google news, Yahoo news and MSN news

My goal is to find all the news from the website above against 'medical tourism'.

An overview

Yahoo Pipes 4

First of all, input your keyword. here I choose: 'medical tourism'
Apply User Inputs -> Test Inputs module£ºtype in 'medical tourism' in the debug  field

Yahoo Pipes 7

Then we start creating search from 3 search engines: because these search engines use different parameters, we need to search them separately. Let's get URL->URL Builder to do the jobs:

Fill in the base field with:

Yahoo Pipes 1
Yahoo Pipes 2
Yahoo Pipes 3

Then we input the keyword into the search engines.

Note:parameters are different. Google and live search use 'q', yahoo use 'p'
Connect the bottom of input with these 3 input fields, when finished, parameter field turns into Gray.

Yahoo Pipes 5
Finally, we use Source->Fetch module to capture the outputs£¬simply connect 3 URL builders with the Fetch module, then we finished!!!

Want something more? add sort module to sort and unique module to get rid of duplicates.

Yahoo Pipes 6

Then save. go back to my pipes, run it.

My case's RSS:

Here is the medical tourism news from Yahoo, Google and Live search (Previous MSN Search). If you need more source, u can always add them on as long as they provide RSS feeds. 

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