October 22, 2005

Match report 15th October

So we'd set the ball rolling for what would be a successful season as our premier season in the university league? One week earlier all had seemed so rosy as we beat the warwick 2nds. This game wasn't one we wanted to write home and tell mum about.
We started this game with a somewhat depleted squad but we arrived with 13 able and willing men to Nottingham university.
Of those missing, we had lost last weeks match winner, George. Our cog in the midfield (Drury) was missing, having played his best game for sometime the previous week, he obviously decided to quit while he was ahead!
And then we were without the last-minute absentee, Ed. He came to our prematch meet looking like walking was a skill he had somehow lost since our training session the night before. And as he admitted to us in strict confidence, he had been involved in what only can be described as fresher's extra curricular activities!! His back, and probably someone elses had taken a punishing!
So we arrived at Nottingham, the previous hunting ground of our very own Dom. And some would wonder if he was back up to his old tricks…. For everytime our backs were turned he disappeared only to reappear when Captain Russo let a tourets-like outburst of 'where the ?!?! has Dom gone now?' I'm sure there was an innocent explanation, like last nights curry, or maybe it was the girl's netball team playing only fifty yards away?
So… on to the match.
We started brightly passing the ball around, counter attacking the home team's early advances. It was on the stroke of 10 minutes that Gazz played a defence splitting ball through to Maddock who somehow managed to outpace the oppostion's two centrebacks and slot and early shot past the dispondant keeper. A great finish and a one -nill lead.
To there credit, nottingham continued to rally forward as we defended stoutly and hit them on the break. A good save from the Nottingham keeper denied Maddock one more following another great ball from the playmaker thomas. Then on 20 minutes, an incident that some would argue changed the game. Good work from the Wrenchy driving down the middle, he let the ball loose to Maddock who unleashed a left foot drive just past the post. The resulting goal kick led to the equaliser, but worse than that, in the strike that had just narrowly missed the target the on-form striker had strained his rectus femoris and so it was an early bath for the Maddock.
A more than capable Charlie came on to fill the void but it just didn't seem to happen. Luck was obviously against, as it had been so many times before.
The oppostion only had a small number of attempts on goal but all seemed to count as the Nottingham keeper continued to make save after save. With special mention to a save that wont be matched again this season after after a blistering volley from Dom midway through the 2nd half.
Captain Russo was again forced to bite his touret's tongue when a certain centreback gave away a needless penalty – but he can be forgiven as he has been working hard on winning his surgery prize.
A flattering 4v1 win for Nottingham and a thought provoking lose for the medics. We are left to wonder what could have been.

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger!!!!

We'll get them at home



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  2. new eye surgery allegra

    Nottingham forest are ok.

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