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October 10, 2005

Match report 8th October 2005

'I have a dream' said Captain Russo as we sat in our changing rooms preparing for a game that our captain believed would set the foundations for the future medics football club…...
'Put us on the map!' was a phrased penned by the founder of the club, Mr Gareth Thomas.
But it wasn't till after the game had ended and the battered, bruised and drenched 14 warriors walked slowly into the changing room did those famous words from the one-eyed siren Gabriel, ring through our hearts and minds…...
Yes, 'dreams do come true'..

We turned up to the game against our closest rivals, not just because we share the same home ground but because we share a sense of competitiveness that only brothers can understand. Or at least we did!!

From the moment the referee blew his whistle, the warwick uni second team new they were in a game. They may have been surrounded by trees, grass and beautifully sculptured pathways but this was certainly no walk in the park. For they came, they kicked a few balls and we gave them a good beating!

The mastery of George and the pace of Gaz, Borros and Ed were a thorn in the side of Warwick's struggling defence until late on they both surrendered to the only thing that could beat them on such a day – their own flailing bodies!!!
But even with the substitutions, we attacked with pace although precision and the killer punch were somewhat lacking.

Football isn't just about the attack I hear, and you are right. Our first clean sheet since time began was as important as the Bergkamp-like artitstry shown by George to chip the keeper from 25 yards. Many would loook to the keeper to blame for such a goal, but in truth a finish like that would have beaten any keeper at the top of his game.

The defensive five of segg dog and the defence were as good and as strong as i have ever seen, and Luke although not called into action too often showed flashes of brilliance and reflexes that He-man's battlecat would have been proud of.

There was not a weak performance among the 14, it is a shame that warwick uni could not say the same, apart from one effort that hit the bar they did little to strike fear into their oppostion. However, in years gone by, both luck and concentration would have been against us – we may have turned the tide!!!

Here's to our first league win and our top of the table position

Warwick medics 1 v warwick uni 0

Man of the Match – George
Goal scorer – George


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