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The warwick medics football team was formed in the 2002 academic year by a number of first year medics when it was realised that something was needed to stop Segerin getting diabetes – lets face it, he wasn’t going to stop eating haribo or supersizing his three meals a day from McDonalds. It was down to Gaz Thomas to do something and with a lot of work and support from other committed individuals, the club was formed.
Subsequently Nick Segerin caught a debilitating retrovirus which is believed to have come from monkeys, but the interferons are doing a good job thus far. But girls be warned, he could infect a barge poll so don’t even touch him with one of those!
The football club has gone from strength to strength in the seasons since and we have two successful teams under the careful management of Kike Collantes and Luke Russo.
We are hoping that our first tour will be going ahead in 2005 so watch this space….......................................