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October 24, 2006

Wearing the veil – Warwick Podcast part 2

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Dr H A Hellyer discusses the recent controversy surrounding the wearing of the veil by muslim women.
Length: 28 minutes

Show Summary:

Is this a crisis about the veil or wider issues
Significance of the veil
Parallels with other faiths
Is this about religion or culture
Wearing religious symbols
Is the debate a gift to extremists
Was Jack Straw wrong to ask, or wrong to write about asking

October 19, 2006

Wearing the veil – Warwick Podcast

Writing about web page

Professor Danièle Joly discusses the controversy surrounding Jack Straw’s comments about Muslim women wearing the veil.

Show Summary:

Muslim issues at the forefront of politicians concerns
Multiculturalism in Britain
Religion and public space
French experience
Jack Straw and the debate
Veil and identity
Social cohesion between diverse groups
Participation in society
Consequences of the debate

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