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May 20, 2009

University gives Campus dedicated Police Officer Buggy Beat

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While there are seven police officers who have the University as part of their patch the University has just one totally dedicated officer for its 750 acre main campus. How do we spread him around? –Answer buy him his own 25 mph police buggy.

September 27, 2007

'Unwarping' biometrics

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Li Wang, from The University of Warwick Computer Science Department, talks about new technology which would make fingerprint recognition more accurate by “unwarping” distorted fingerprints.

August 23, 2006

Heading for a nuclear showdown in the Middle East

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Iran has issued its response to UN Security Council demands that it stop its uranium enrichment programme by August 31st.

Whilst offering to join 'serious talks' on the issue Iranian officials have been clear in their refusal to back down to international pressure to end their vision of a nuclear Iran.

How do the latest developments change the diplomatic picture for both Iran and the UN? Does the passing of a UN resolution change the legal position of those involved and what lies behind the strategies of Tehran and the Security Council.

Daniel Joyner is an Associate Professor in International Law at the Warwick Law School. He is an expert in public international law in the security context, with particular interest in the area of proliferation studies, including non–proliferation treaties and regimes, issues of international trade and export control law, use of force law, and international legal theory.

Show Summary:
Background to the crisis
Current events
How a UN Security Council resolution changes the situation
What is the Security Council up to
What is Iran up to
How have governments reacted to Iran's statements
Who else might take action against Iran
Possible outcomes of the current standoff
Implications for nuclear proliferation
Is this the end of the NPT

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