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October 04, 2006

Developing a 'Protecting Virus' for flu defense

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Research led by Professor Nigel Dimmock at the University of Warwick is developing an entirely new method of protecting against flu. This has been shown to protect animals against various strains of flu, and could offer protection against the full range of influenza A infections, including H5N1 and any new pandemic or epidemic strains infecting humans. The ‘protecting virus’ provides instant protection, and completely prevents flu symptoms developing by slowing influenza infection rates to such an extent that the harmful infection becomes a vaccine against that very form of influenza. It can also counter an actual infection and offer protection if given up to 24 hours after first infection (and possibly longer).

Variations of influenza
Evolving virus
Effectiveness of current drugs
How a protecting virus works
Why is it more effective than current vaccination
H5N1 and the technique
Relationship between influenza and shore birds
Next research goals

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