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July 02, 2008

Chinese TV and film director Zhang Ji Jhong visits Warwick

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Veteran Chinese TV and film director Zhang Ji Zhong, on his first visit to the UK, talks about his new film, The Monkey King, and his aim to promote Chinese culture in the West, during a talk at Warwick Arts Centre.

February 15, 2007

Marketing Movies

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Chris Meir talks about the Marketing the Movies Conference and how academics are analysing the way films are promoted.


Why should we analyse marketing materials in the same way as the films themselves
Can we deal with marketing materials seperately from the film or should we consider them together
History of Film Studies and its relation with marketing
Has the study of film marketing suffered as it is associated with committees rather than artists
Do you need to make a good movie any more or just make sure you have good marketing
Cultural differences in film marketing
Difference between British and American cinema
Danger of disconnect between trailers and films
Impact of digital marketing techniques

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