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March 23, 2007

Metal–containing molecules and DNA

Writing about web page

PhD student, Adair Richards, and Professor Alison Rodger from the Molecular Organisation and Assembly in Cells Doctoral Training Centre (MOAC) talk about their work and recent article about binding metal-containing molecules to DNA.

Length: 20 minutes


Introduction to MOAC
What is DNA
How do you make metalomolecules interact with DNA
What are you aiming to achieve
Talk about your current research
Will your methods help to reduce resistance to drugs
What was your article about
Any key areas that this will affect, in medicine
How long before your techniques are developed into mainstream applications
What are the risks involved
Can we do anything on a practical level to fight drug resistance
Is this a costly process
Summary of the work on DNA in MOAC

November 30, 2006

DNA, crime and civil liberties – Warwick Podcast

Writing about web page

Dr Andrew Roberts asks whether the National DNA Database infringes on our civil liberties and the dangers of a compulsory system.


Current state of the national DNA database
How is the database used
Why is having a DNA database a problem
Does the database make the job of the police easier
Ethnic populations and the DNA database
If I have done nothing wrong why should I be worried
Is it an invasion of privacy
Is DNA foolproof for crime detection
Do we need a public debate on the issue

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