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November 30, 2006

Warwick researchers transform metal bashing Birmingham SME into global high tech car window supplier

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Birmingham based small manufacturer Strip Tinning celebrates its 50th Anniversary in January. For many of those 50 years it was a traditional metal bashing industry churning out high volumes of low profit copper for the roofing industry. However, with help from business and technology advisers from the University of Warwick, Strip Tinning has now been transformed into a global supplier of components for high technology car window suppliers. Just this month it has signed two new deals to supply a Chinese car manufacturer and the US military vehicles with their products.

DNA, crime and civil liberties – Warwick Podcast

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Dr Andrew Roberts asks whether the National DNA Database infringes on our civil liberties and the dangers of a compulsory system.


Current state of the national DNA database
How is the database used
Why is having a DNA database a problem
Does the database make the job of the police easier
Ethnic populations and the DNA database
If I have done nothing wrong why should I be worried
Is it an invasion of privacy
Is DNA foolproof for crime detection
Do we need a public debate on the issue

November 24, 2006

Research reveals extent of Sexually abusive language aimed atteachers and pupils

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Nearly one in five primary teachers and two-thirds of secondary teachers have been subjected to sexually abusive language by pupils according to research for the National Union of Teachers carried out by the University of Warwick.

Abusive language in schools

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Dr Sean Neill discusses a recent report highlighting the issue of pupils using sexually abusive language in schools.


Report findings
Nature of the language used – abusive or just inappropriate
Has the problem increased
Is this about general ill-discipline in schools
Responsibility of parents
Discipline in schools
Support in schools
Impact on teachers
How to deal with abusive language
Is there a need for legislation

November 22, 2006

Bank of England Economist Joins Warwick’s Green Team

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The University of Warwick has appointed Dr Andrew Sentance of the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee to carry out research into the economics of climate change.

The high-profile move reflects the University’s intention to create a hub of top-flight academics addressing sustainability and climate change.

He will join the University as a part-time Professor, based at Warwick’s Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation.

November 20, 2006

Carbon trading

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Dr Andrew Sentance from the Centre for Globalisation and Regeneration talks about carbon trading, how it works, how it affects us and the potential benefits.

Length: 14 minutes

How carbon trading works
Should global warming be left up to the market
Is carbon trading understood by the public, does it have enough exposure
What if China and the United States don’t get involved
Will carbon trading deliver results quickly enough
Does the scheme favour rich countries over poorer ones
Have there been any studies to see if it encourages a reduction in emissions
What will happen if we do not implement a carbon trading scheme

November 16, 2006

Prime Minister praises Warwick's "Digital Lab

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The University of Warwick’s Warwick Manufacturing Group is creating a Warwick Digital Laboratory – a £50 Million pound project which will provide a high quality research environment that will allow researchers to develop techniques that will place consumers right inside a “mass customization” production process for a vast range of future products.

November 14, 2006

Nanotechnology in medicine

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Professor David Smith from The University of York talks about nanotechnology and its application to modern medicine. Topics covered include delivery of cancer drugs, tissue engineering and gene therapy.

Length: 25 minutes

What is nanotechnology
Most significant impact of nanotechnology on modern medicine
Developments that are currently available
Drug delivery with the aid of nanotechnology
Developments that will be available in the future
Risks to health
Risks to the environment
Professor David Smith’s key areas of research
A typical day in the laboratory
When to treat patients using these techniques
Any ethical issues that may arise
Costs of these types of treatments

November 08, 2006

Research says massage may help infants sleep more, cry less and be less stressed

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New research by a team at the University of Warwick says that massage may help infants aged under six months sleep better, cry less and be less stressed.

Is policy damaging the Arts in the UK?

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Munira Mirza argues that current arts policy in the UK may be damaging to the long term health of the arts.

Munira Mirza is a writer and researcher on issues related to cultural policy and identity


Is policy damaging the arts
Politics, social policy and the arts
Emphasis on footfall and numbers
Does the idea of a cultural industry make things more complicated
What is value for money in the arts
Do arts instituions lack confidence
Does policy stifle creativity
Identity and art – can art bring us together or drive us apart
Nature of engagement
Who decides our cultural icons
Internationalisation of art and the impact on national policy
Can the media support a debate on the arts
Is this a dangerous time for the arts in the UK

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