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September 29, 2008

Research & new degree to help thousands who fail to fulfil dreams of becoming jockeys

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A University of Warwick researcher’s examination of careers and training in the horse racing industry has uncovered a significant wastage of talent as thousands fail to reach their dream goal of being a jockey. Her research has contributed to the creation of a new foundation degree at Warwickshire College.

September 24, 2008

Research finds split in perception of similarity that could double web advertising

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A study by Psychology researchers at the University of Warwick has found a radical 50/50 split in how people decide “What makes two things seem similar?”. This research could mean that some advertisers and marketers could be failing to reach up to half of their potential audience and it could double the number of opportunities available in key web advertising methods such as Google AdWords.

September 22, 2008

Blogger & Maths Prof Join Weird Fiction Writer as Judges of Warwick's £50,000 Writing Prize

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Britain’s first literary blogger will join a mathematician, a weird fiction writer, a poet and a journalist on the judging panel of a new £50, 000 writing prize – the Warwick Prize for Writing.

University of Warwick part of new wave of US–UK Fulbright awards

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The University of Warwick is to be part of a new wave of Fulbright awards. Over six decades more than 27,000 Americans and Britons have crossed the Atlantic to participate in the US-UK Fulbright programme. Famous names such as Sylvia Plath and Milton Freidman, Shirley Williams and Ian Rankin are alumni of the programme.

September 19, 2008

Digital Forensics

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Dr Matthew Sorell, Visiting Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Study, explores the problems and opportunities of the emerging approach to ‘Digital Forensics’.

Research pushes back crop development 10,000 years

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Researchers led by Dr Robin Allaby of the University of Warwick’s plant research arm Warwick HRI have found evidence that genetics supports the idea that the emergence of agriculture in prehistory took much longer than originally thought.

September 17, 2008

Vadim Jean: “The only thing limiting you is your own imagination”

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Award-winning TV and film producer Vadim Jean talks about his years at Warwick University, his recent work on Terry Pratchett’s adaptation of ‘Hogfather’ for Sky One, and gives invaluable advice for any budding film producers.

September 11, 2008

Smoking cessation services failing to reach young people

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Interventions aimed at young people to help them stop smoking have had only limited success and there is an urgent need for innovative and effective programmes to which young people will subscribe, says an editorial published on

September 08, 2008

Able Black Caribbean pupils less likely to be entered for higher–tier tests

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Academically able Black Caribbean pupils are less likely to be entered for higher-tier maths and science tests than White children with the same achievement record, a University of Warwick study has found.

Premature children four times more likely to have behavioural disorders

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Children born prematurely are four times more likely to have emotional problems or behavioural disorders, according to research led by the University of Warwick

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